2021 Titus van Rijn Hour Reports

The 2021 presentation of the Titus van Rijn Hour featured 30 participants from six states. Joel Wegener (MN), last year’s runner-up, finished first among Titus men with a mark of 15,350m (~9.54 miles). Elizabeth Boyd (WA) led the small (elite) women’s field with 8,780m (~5.45 miles), good for 5th on the all-time TVR list in the W60-69 category.

In his M50-59 debut, Randy Niemiec (MN) covered 15,102m (~9.39 miles) to establish himself at #6 all-time in that age group. John Roth (WA) took TVR into a new era as the event’s first 80+ competitor, establishing an initial event best of 5,295m (~3.29 miles) in that new age bracket. Lyn Roth (WA) covered 3,383m (~2.1 miles), #9 on the F70-79 all-time list.

Have we reached Peak Titus? This year’s turnout was the event’s smallest since 2007, prompting speculation about the causes of the drop in participation. Perhaps the novelty of TVR has diminished due to the development of so many other virtual races during the pandemic? Did new world records for the hour run by Sifan Hassan and Mo Farah curb past TVR entrants’ motivation? Is the cherry soda no longer as sweet as it once was? Only two women participated this year (thanks, Lyn and Elizabeth!) and this year’s youngest participant was 44. What can we do to encourage more women and young folks to participate? We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Collectively, this year’s TVR participants covered 312,959m (~194.5 miles). Cumulatively, TVR participants have strode over 14.87 million meters (9,244 miles) since 1999.

Congratulations to all who participated and a special thank you to everyone who helped organize Titus hours of your own.

Andy Roth & Mike Persick, TVR Meet Directors

*          *          *          *          *

Randy Niemiec reports: We were all pretty excited to do TVR this year after a year off for most of us. We gathered at the Minnehaha Academy track in South Minneapolis on May 9 in near-perfect running weather. When we started at 8 a.m. it was a cool 43 degrees but sunny with a slight headwind on the homestretch. We all had above-average performances relative to our career histories at TVR, despite being on the other side of our peak running years.  

To be honest, our biggest concern was the black cherry soda situation. With the pandemic wreaking havoc on last year’s TVR racing schedule, we were worried pent-up demand for TVR would mess with the supply of black cherry soda in the metro area in May and June. It turns out the manufacturers and suppliers anticipated this surge in demand. As a result, we had more than enough of the celebratory beverage, in a couple different brands to boot.

Andy Bove reported from Havertown, PA:  I capped off Memorial Day with a solo assault on the 15k barrier at the Haverford public high school track, where I’d made an unsuccessful attempt a couple weeks earlier. Conditions were ideal—mid 60s and dry, light breeze, and no major distractions, unlike the previous time when some punk kids and their moms showed up and started riding bikes and motorized carts around the track. This time, there were some wholesome older kids in the infield throwing a football around and lighting off an occasional firework, and another group playing wiffleball. Also noteworthy was lacrosse girl. She was throwing a ball against the wall of the school building the whole time I was running, and when I left on my cooldown she was still at it. She deserves to make the team!

The run itself went well. After a while I settled into a steady 6:18-6:19 per 1600m, then found a little extra juice at the end to finish out lap #38. I hit 5k in 19:51, 10k 39:36, 15k 59:12. I didn’t have any Black Cherry on hand, but picked one up at Wawa the next day to have with my lunch, which helped with recovery, for sure.

Joel Wegener:  I did TVR yesterday at the South High School Track at 8:50 am…. I hoped it would feel “cool” in the middle of our heat wave. Minneapolis was 75 degrees at that point so running on a black track with a turf infield still felt very very toasty. I blame that on not reaching my perpetual goal of 16,000 meters, along with getting older and older of course! Nonetheless I had as much fun as one could for one person and enjoyed  some black cherry soda afterwards which I started thinking about after about two miles.

James Umbanhowar reports: Pat Morris and I ran TVR May 14th starting around 6at Durham Academy track. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for May in North Carolina, it was about 65 degrees and cloudy.

Pat ran with me for about 20 minutes before heading off on his own, eventually lapping me. The only other notable aspect of the run was that it was my first TVR entirely in lane one for 4 years. After the finishing bell rang, we celebrated with a can of Noble Village Tart Black Cherry cider. Adult soda?

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2021 Titus van Rijn Hour Results

First NameLast NameGenderAgeMetersSite
Randy NiemiecM5015,102MN
Randy PetersonM5513,700MN
Justin LondonM6210,200MN
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Women’s All-Time Top 10 Performances by Age, 2021

First NameLast NameAgeMetersYearSite
Women 70+
Women 60-69
Women 50-59
Women 40-49
TonyaSanders Lutz4315,0302020OR
Stephanie Snyder4014,4152010OR
Women 30-39
Women 20-29
Kari Putterman2613,9182016MN
Women 19 & under
Chloe Garcia Grafing1311,5002016MN
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Men’s All-Time Top 10 Performances by Age, 2021

First NameLast NameAgeMetersYearSite
Men 80+
Men 70-79
Men 60-69
Men 50-59
Randy Niemiec5015,1022021MN
Men 40-49
Men 30-39
Men 20-29
Men 19 & under
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2021 TVR Invitation

You and yours are invited to participate in the 23nd Annual


WHAT: A one-hour footrace

WHERE: Your local track

WHEN: Anytime between May Day (May 1) and Flag Day (June 14), 2021


* As with last year’s event, please adhere to your local pandemic distancing guidelines. For many, this will mean not gathering in large groups, which is a wonderful TVR tradition in normal years. Please respect this request for the sake of preventing the avoidable spread of the virus.

* Your performance must take place on a standard 400-meter track. Include partial laps in your final total; estimate distances as accurately as possible within reason.

* You may run the event more than once if desired, but only submit your best mark.

* You are encouraged to invite others to participate in the event.

* Send results to <andyleeroth@gmail.com> by midnight, June 14, 2021. In your results, please note name, total distance completed (in meters), gender, age, date, and location. We encourage you to include a brief report of your experience for the official race report.


Champions in football and baseball celebrate with champagne; the victor at the Indy 500 gets a bottle of milk. At TVR, the celebratory beverage of choice is black cherry soda. We encourage you to maintain the tradition.


World, women: 18,930 meters (~11.76 miles)

  Sifan Hassan (NED), Brussels, Belgium, 9/4/2020

World, men: 21,330m (~13.25 miles)

  Mo Farah (UK), Brussels, Belgium, 9/4/2020

USA, women: 17,273m (~10.7 miles)

  Nancy Conz, Amherst, MA, 6/25/1981

USA, men: 20,547m (~12.8 miles)

  Bill Rodgers (GBTC), Boston, MA, 8/9/1977

TVR, women: 15,370m (~9.55 miles)  

  Pam Proffitt Smith (OR), Salem, OR, 6/8/2017

TVR, men: 18,115m (~11.25 miles)

  Greg Crowther (WA), Seattle, WA, 5/27/2006

Since 1999, TVR competitors have amassed more than 14.5 million meters of distance and countless gallons of black cherry soda. Join the fun!

Find TVR news and results at the official Titus Van Rijn blog: https://tvr1hour.wordpress.com

and join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340462322681978/

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS?  Please contact Andy Roth (andyleeroth@gmail.com) or Mike Persick (tvr1hour@gmail.com), TVR Meet Directors.

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One-Hour Record Attempts at Van Damme Meet This Weekend

Fans of the One-Hour Run are in for a treat September 4, 2020, when several elite runners will take aim at the men’s and women’s world records for the distance. On the women’s side, Sifan Hissan, the reigning world champion at 1500m and 10000m, and Brigid Kosgei, who ran 2:14:04 at Chicago last October, will chase Dire Tune’s 2008 record of 18,517m for the hour. On the men’s side, four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah, along with Belgian Bashir Abdi, and Norwegian Sondre Nordstad Moen seek to break Haile Gebrselassie’s 2007 mark of 21,285m.

For those hungry for more of the history of the men’s hour record, dating back to 1904, World Athletics has posted an interesting article here. Cool video from Total Running Productions about Hassan, Kosgei and the women’s record here.

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2020 Titus van Rijn Hour Reports

The 2020 presentation of the Titus van Rijn Hour—our 22nd year—featured 67 participants, aged 12 to 79, from ten states. National events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and protests against police violence and systemic racism, meant a smaller turnout than in 2019, when we had 118 participants. However, a number of people commented on how glad they were to take up the challenge of a Titus hour this year, and the quality of performances was a strong as ever.

In her TVR debut, Tonya Sanders Lutz (Salem, OR) ran 15,030 meters (~9.34 miles) to claim the women’s title. That mark  ranks #2 among the all-time F40-49 TVR performances. On the men’s side, Nathan Campeau (Minneapolis, MN) covered 16,130m (~10.02m miles) to finish just ahead of Joel Wegener (~9.98 miles) for the 2020 TVR men’s title. Their marks now rank 8th and 9th, respectively, on the all-time TVR performance list for M40-49.

A dozen other TVR participants established new top-10 marks in 2020—including a M60-69 record by Dan Meireis, and a wholesale rewriting of the W19U category:

  • Bob Aby: 9785m, #5 M70+
  • Liz Boyd: 8209m, #5 F60-69
  • Dan Meireis: 15025, #1 M60-69
  • Ed Muniek: 14700m, #7 M50-59
  • Randy Peterson: 14500m, #10 M50-59
  • Suzanne Halekas: 14080m, #6 F40-49
  • Perry Kemper: 12700m, #2 F19U
  • Nicole Theberath: 12600m, #3 F19U
  • Keeley Brooks: 12370m, #4 F19U
  • Claire Bussman: 11500m, #10 F19U
  • Noe Kemper: 14470m, #3 M19U
  • Nathan Amundson: 13400m, #8 M19U

Also noteworthy: Ana Forbord (Northfield, MN) covered 12,343m off-track—a mark that would otherwise rank among the top five all-time F19U performances.

Collectively, this year’s TVR participants covered 735,655m (~457 miles). Cumulatively, TVR participants have strode over 14.50 million meters (~9,016 miles) since 1999.

Congratulations to all who participated, and a special thank you to everyone who helped organize Titus hours of your own.

Read on for a brief interview with Dan Meireis and colorful reports from a number of TVR venues. For now, as always, we raise a frosty glass of black cherry soda in salute to each of you. And we look forward to 2021, with the hope of being able to meet up on the track in large groups for another Titus hour.

Andy Roth & Mike Persick, TVR Meet Directors

*          *          *          *          *

Five Questions for Dan Meireis, M60-69 Age Group Record Holder

  1. How did you find out about the TVR Hour?  From Pam Smith. She has always been a bad influence on me. 🙂
  2. In your race report, you mentioned making TVR your focus this year. Did you change your training to prepare specifically for the Titus hour? In the past I have usually been training for a marathon and TVR ends up being more of a training run. This year with all the races canceled, I made TVR my target. The training wasn’t much different than usual (a couple of speed workouts and a long run every week) but I did taper more this time, and while running I knew I didn’t have to save anything for another race.
  3. Who or what inspires your running? I love to volunteer at the finish line of a longer race. It’s not the winners, but the middle and back of the packers that inspire me. They are out there a lot longer and have a lot more to overcome, yet they stick with it. Their happiness when they make it across the finish line is contagious.
  4. Racing flats or training shoes for Titus? NB 1400’s. Or any light weight marathon racing shoe. I’m too old to run for an hour in racing flats.
  5. If you could become any kind of (non-human) animal, what creature would you pick and why? Peregrine Falcon. Fastest animal in the world, plus FLYING!

*          *          *          *          *

James Umbanhowar (NC) reports: Ironically, given social distancing, I had my biggest turnout ever. Four of us turned up at the 7-lane Riverside High School track at 4pm May 11th for some unseasonably cool weather: partly cloudy with temps in the high 60’s.  We kept our distance by using lanes 1,3,5,7 (with lane 5 user Ben switching to lane 2 after one lap).  Other than a couple that insisted on taking lane 3 during the middle 20 minutes of the race, nothing too exciting to report, but we all did pretty well considering our ages and fitness levels.  For the local prize, it was very close.  Race officials spent about an hour consulting online lane distance calculators and race photos.  Chris Huggins was determined to be the winner by about 20 meters.  We all had mini Cheerwines to celebrate which was all I could find across two pandemic depleted grocery stores.  Ben Gaspar then went the extra distance to drink a Boylans black cherry soda at his house, sealing the soda consumption prize. Congrats to all competitors!

John Douglass reports: The Tucson, AZ edition of TVR was held yesterday, Sunday May 17th, at 6:30 AM on the Mall at the University of Arizona. After many years of hopping fences, staring at razor wire, and once in a while actually easily getting into the Catalina HS track, the past few years we’ve held the Tucson edition on the ½ mile loop on the mall at the U. It’s concrete, sometimes we encounter cars, and other people zip by on their bikes, but hey – it’s conveniently located and has 24/7 access.

Eight brave souls participated this year, some recovering from injuries. While relatively cool at the start, it was increasingly warm as the southern Arizona sun rose overhead. Social distancing protocols were observed, runners taking wide berths as they passed walkers. Nearly 70,000 meters was walked or run this year, an impressive figure. We all had a good time and some (Don), while complaining about downward trends year after year, actually increased their distance this year. Some (Ken) absolutely smashed their modest expectations. Afterwards, we sat in the shade, drank water (sorry, no cherry soda due to pandemic-forced online-grocery shopping austerity), and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company after not working out together these past few months of pandemic.

In addition to the Tucson edition, a single entry from Santa Barbara (Katie Brown) is also included; perhaps next year there will be a larger Santa Barbara contingent as excitement over TVR grows.

Nathan Campeau reports: I ran a solo effort (with an awesome group of supporters) in the rain in Minneapolis. I ended up going 16,130 meters, a pretty big TVR PR for me. No black cherry soda, but I did celebrate with a strawberry Spindrift and that was almost as good.

From Charlottesville, VA Jason Farr reports: I completed 13,900 meters this morning on the Charlottesville High School track. Humidity was around 90%, and I had the track to myself in this era of social distancing. We generally do the TVR as a social run, but I opted for the mental challenge of doing it all alone. It was tough, but rewarding. I love this event…black cherry soda for breakfast!

Dan Meireis reports from Jefferson Oregon Track in Salem, OR: With all of the spring races canceled this year, I decided to focus on the TVR. I had a poor year last year after recovering from multiple Pulmonary Embolisms in January. My goal was to get back to 15k. On May 2nd, my friends Tonya and Jenica came to the track and we ran around in circles for an hour. We did great, but I was 200m short of 15k. I decided to regroup, train for 5 more weeks and try again. This morning, June 11, I went back to the track for a second helping.

The first half felt great. Starting mile 7, I was really struggling and having negative thoughts and felt like giving up. Then “run the mile you’re in” popped into my head. I shut out all the thoughts about how far I had to go and how I felt and just focused on the here and now and breathing. By the end of 7 I found a zone that carried me through mile 8. In mile 9, the end game adrenalin kicked in and I was able to get there. I enjoyed having this race to focus on this year. Thanks for keeping it going!

From the City High track in Iowa City, IA, Suzanne Halekas writes: With everything canceled, I decided to give this a shot (my husband has done it before). So, I went after some cooler weather this morning and headed down to the City High track. It was breezy and cool, with the sun just starting to intensify around midway through.
I think this is the farthest I’ve ever run on a track, and to be honest, it wasn’t totally fun. Definitely a mental grind of ticking off laps for me. I had 32.5 laps in my head as a minimum goal, so when I had time to keep going past that, I was happy/sad. Yay for more distance, but I wanted to be done!  Such a funny format — it’s like the finish line moved farther away! I forgot to take a picture at the track, but here I am after jogging home, with my soda on the deck.

From Northfield, MN, Anna Forbord writes: I ran off-track on the Dundas paved bike trail in Dundas, MN and through to Northfield as well as adding on in neighborhoods to reach one hour on 6/12/20. I ran 12,343.67 meters (7.67 miles) in one hour, and I had a GPS watch that recorded my time as well as miles. I ran at 8:15 in the morning, the weather was ideal for running; the temperature in the mid-60s. I had a very good run; my legs felt sore at the beginning but as the run progressed I found my rhythm and maintained a good pace. My mom and sister biked while I ran but other than that I ran alone without my fellow cross country teammates. This is my first time participating in the TVR run and I hope to do it again next year.

Chris Lundberg reports: The 2020 Titus Van Rijn event in Victor, ID was the first official competition held at the Slab Ranch Track, a 300-meter irregular oval grass track, hand mowed in an old pasture alongside Trail Creek with stunning views of Taylor Mtn, the Snake River Range and Big Hole Mountains.  Elevation approximately 6,200 ft.  The track has seen numerous workouts over the years as well as countless laps with the dogs so it was a treat to finally break it into competition.

The Victor event was a solo effort, in light of COVID-19, as well as the local race coordinator’s asinine decision to kick the race off at 4pm with the temperature holding steady and sunny at 88 degrees in the banana belt of the Tetons. One week prior there were 6 inches of fresh snow on the competition surface, so the heat was an extra effort bonus that I hadn’t quite adjusted to.  An upside-down sheetrock bucket served as the fluid station, supporting a water bottle containing Tailwind, Berry flavor.  In between mad dashes after squirrels and gophers, the dogs provided occasional silent spectating from the yard, but they really just weren’t that interested.

The footing was pretty rough with an abundance of fresh gopher holes and tunnels breaking open as I plodded along and the grass was a little longer cut than would have been ideal, but the views were sublime so it made for a pleasant experience on balance, if the paltry distance covered is ignored. I felt relatively good and if nothing else, fairly consistent. I came through 22 laps in 30:00, so while I did slip a little in the second half, I only covered 200 meters less during the second 30:00 and I feel okay about that.  At the end of the race, the temperature remained at 88 degrees. I did a short walk/jog cool down of a few laps and finished the bottle of Berry-flavored drink. I hadn’t made a trip over to the big city to track down any cherry-based beverages so my celebration was somewhat lacking on that front, and as the heat piled onto my brain like a ton of bricks as soon as I finished the race, all thoughts of handstanding were immediately dismissed.

In this crazy year it was a true pleasure to return to the Titus Van Rijn Invitational family and hammer myself silly, with the added bonus of establishing the first Facility Record at the Slab Ranch Track.  With any luck it won’t last more than a year.  Thanks so much for continuing this fantastic COVID-Proof tradition, I can’t wait for 2021!

From Minneapolis, MN, Randy Niemiec writes: I ran by myself at the Minnehaha Academy track. The temperature was 57 degrees when I started, which is as good as it can get for running weather June 13 in Minneapolis. I ran only 152 m less than last year. I was pretty happy with that considering I couldn’t run at all three weeks earlier due to an injury. If only I had stayed healthy!!!  I had a race number at TVR for the first time ever thanks to Kari Campeau. The number is for my daughters, who were born in August and March. Thanks again for putting on the most organized race around.

From Boise, ID, Will Kemper reports: Flag Day would have slipped past without me running a Titus were it not for my 15-year-old daughter who let us all know we would have the opportunity to run Titus this weekend. It was a perfect morning, about 60 degrees with a few minutes of light rain in the middle of the run and some beautiful sunshine at the end.  The whole family was in, I ran 2 miles at around 7:15 pace before a tight calf convinced me to walk, the rest of the family all negative split things starting at roughly 7 (Noe 14), 8(Perry 15) and 10(Daphne) minutes per mile and getting considerably faster for their second halves. I wish someone would teach me to pace so well. The Black Cherry Soda (Henry Weinhard’s) never tasted so good. (When you are not exhausted and dehydrated that thick syrup goes down more easily.)

Nichole Porath, head XC coach at Northfield HS (MN), reports: This year we had a smaller number of participants as they all tried to do it on their own at various times. This is something we look forward to every year! (I sadly could not compete as I welcomed our son into the world on June 4th – haven’t run since. Next year!)

Kirk Reynolds reports: The Claremont (CA) edition of the 2020 TVR was not run at Pomona College’s blue track (discouraged because of the closed campus, despite an ID card). Instead, Emma DeLira and Kirk Reynolds ran in the water settling grounds northeast of the campuses. The Strava map might look like an out-and-back run, but it was actually a single loop: up the Claremont side of the drainage canal below San Antonio Dam, and down the Upland side. The canal still has water rushing down – maybe snowmelt from Mt. Baldy?

This non-track running loop provided a study in contrasts, a comparison of two worlds. The canal is the boundary not only for Claremont and Upland, but also Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County. Going uphill in Claremont, one runs on a gravel road within a predominantly white, upper middle-class Southern California burg, with 52.2% female population, and a median age of 39.5 – while you look north at Mt. Baldy.

After the hairpin turn, going downhill in Upland, one runs on a gravel road within a predominantly white, upper middle-class Southern California burg, with 52.2% female population, and a median age of 38.5 – while you look south at the valley.

The run was definitely off-track, but still enjoyable, and going through this area thankfully meant we didn’t need to keep the pandemic facemask on for long periods. Over the hour, we covered different distances on our GPS watches despite running together, but the average of the two was 6.975 miles.

Then we returned to the Von’s parking lot, and downed some sweet black cherry sparkling water.

Erik Brooks reports from Winthrop, WA: Saturday, June13, 2020. Under truly great conditions (55 degrees and overcast) at the Liberty Bell High School track, my daughter Keeley and I both returned to Titus after several years away. On the heels of a COVID-altered track season involving multiple solo 800s, 1600s, and 3200’s it was a different race for sure, but we were both feeling pretty familiar with the idea of pace and relative isolation on this beautiful little track in Winthrop, WA.

Thankfully, the pace for a 1-hour run is quite a bit slower than your typical 1600 — not that I was following my own advice in the early going. Keeley ran the event to near perfection and settled into a consistent rhythm with little fall-off at any point. I was ambitious but feeling good in the first half… but the last few laps dropped off due to biomechanical difficulties that stubborn resolve could not quite overcome. We both suffered just enough but were pleased with the effort! A Hanson’s black cherry soda was easily procured on the drive home. Until next year. Maybe!

From MN Pat Foley reports: The Band of 10,000 Aches completed their 17th annual TVR one hour run/walk. We had 19 people participating at a variety of locations this year.  One person got on the Carleton track at Laird Stadium, our traditional site. Others ran on the middle school track, a paved 505 meter loop in a development, a cinder track in St. Paul, a loop at the entrance to the Minnesota Zoo and one brave soul ran his on the Western State track in Gunnison, CO at an elevation of 7,700 feet.  (Actually, he did not have a choice because that is where he lives.) A few of us had the traditional black cherry soda, but we hope next year we will be able to gather in one spot and have a more traditional TVR run/walk.

From the Montlake playfield track, in Seattle, WA, Patrick Niemeyer writes: I was going to bail on this year’s events but saw some late participation and decided to opt in. I wasn’t sure where to go for adequate social distancing – the first track I drove by was locked, the second I’ve used in past years, but too many people are walking on it. The third was juuuuuust right. Which means there turned out to be a ~4 step mud puddle at about 160m the width of the track, so nobody else really used the track at all. Except two ducks. This was also my first totally solo TVR, so it was some new kind of experience, but I’m thankful you have helped drive participation again this year!

From the Port Jefferson High School track (Port Jeff, NY), Alan Kim reports: As I got to the track shortly after 5 on a Sunday (Flag Day) morning, a flock of seagulls came in low over the trees and landed in the center green. I took this as a good sign. The cool and dry conditions made it fairly easy to stick to 1:50 quarter splits. Two or three people showed up by 5:30, including a haughty lady and a gentleman whose interest in social distancing lapsed as the laps wore on. The seagulls ascended. I’ll have to wait for my biweekly shopping trip to pick up a can of black cherry soda.

Elizabeth Boyd reports from Winthrop, WA: After a morning of blustery winds, we ventured to Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop, WA for another hour on the track.  In light of the COVID pandemic, four of us spaced ourselves across the lanes and ran a respectful distance apart.  Partly cloudy skies, temperature about 63 degrees, 11 mph winds from the NW – but the gusts on the back stretch felt significantly stronger than that.  As always, the hour felt interminable and short at the same time – the paradox of Titus.

Having missed the past 2 years due to injury, I was just happy to be out there.  Andy put in a great effort; John kept a steady and focused pace; Lyn walked her way into her 78th year. The celebratory cherry juice and soda tasted especially good this year.

Carter Schloman writes: I ran off track on a 1/2 mile straight path in Elko New Market, MN. My experience was as follows: Mile 1, normal warm-up feel, 8:23 pace; Mile 2, Normal, 8:38 pace; Mile 3, legs are sore but just mentally, 8:37 pace; Mile 4, pushing through sore legs, 8:36 pace; Mile 5, feeling amazing! 8:28 pace; Mile 6, getting fast, 8:25 pace Final Mile, breathing intensely, must push through. Very fun and difficult run!

Nathan Amundson, Northfield, Minnesota, writes:  I love this workout but also hate it. It is very fun and I love doing it but I do not like the soreness that comes with it.

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2020 Titus van Rijn Hour Results

First Name Last Name Gender Age Meters Year Site
Nathan Campeau M 41 16,130 2020 MN
Joel Wegener M 46 16,050 2020 MN
Jasper Halekas M 44 15,245 2020 IA
Tonya Sanders Lutz F 43 15,030 2020 WA
Dan Meireis M 62 15,025 2020 WA
Ed Muniak M 50 14,700 2020 MN
Randy Peterson M 54 14,500 2020 MN
Erik Brooks M 48 14,490 2020 WA
Noe Kemper M 14 14,470 2020 ID
Randy Niemiec M 49 14,468 2020 MN
Suzanne Halekas F 41 14,080 2020 IA
Jason Farr M 42 13,900 2020 VA
Chris Huggins M 46 13,800 2020 NC
James Umbanhowar M 47 13,780 2020 NC
Pat Morris M 43 13,450 2020 NC
Nathan Amundson M 15 13,400 2020 MN
Jenica Acevedo Hopson F 45 13,117 2020 WA
Alan Kim M 52 13,060 2020 NY
Ben Gaspar M 37 13,020 2020 NC
Chris Lundberg M 37 13,000 2020 ID
Patrick Niemeyer M 44 12,987 2020 WA
Perry Kemper F 15 12,700 2020 ID
Nicole Theberath F 17 12,600 2020 MN
John Sauer M 57 12,505 2020 MN
Keeley Brooks F 17 12,370 2020 WA
Anna Forbord F 12 12,343 2020 MN
Don Hubman M 52 12,272 2020 AZ
Ryan Thalman M 36 12,116 2020 ID
Ken Youens-Clark M 48 12,070 2020 AZ
Jacob Lockner M 17 12,010 2020 MN
Warren Winkelman M 59 11,950 2020 MN
Andy Roth M 51 11,850 2020 WA
Mike Farris M 64 11,634 2020 MN
Claire Bussmann F 17 11,500 2020 MN
Mark Drapac M 58 11,426 2020 MN
Carter Schlomann M 15 11,360 2020 MN
Adriana Fleming F 15 11,265 2020 MN
Emma DeLira F 35 11,222 2020 CA
Kirk Reynolds M 56 11,222 2020 CA
Brian Cloherty M 60 11,200 2020 MN
Stan Hup M 65 11,192 2020 MN
Dan Kasper M 62 10,950 2020 MN
Daphne Huang F 48 10,933 2020 ID
Dale Fredrickson M 62 10,879 2020 MN
Justin London M 61 10,080 2020 MN
Dave Brown M 67 9,833 2020 MN
Mark Zwolenski M 60 9,817 2020 MN
Bob Aby M 75 9,785 2020 MN
Dean Christensen M 69 9,785 2020 MN
Isabel Fleming F 13 9,656 2020 MN
William Argabright M 14 9,648 2020 MN
Katie Brown F 32 8,465 2020 CA
Liz Boyd F 60 8,209 2020 WA
Abby Borgerding F 13 8,040 2020 MN
Will Kemper M 50 7,700 2020 ID
Joe Winegardner M 64 7,628 2020 CO
Deb Ruben F 53 7,242 2020 AZ
John Douglass M 51 6,840 2020 AZ
Doremy Tong F 58 6,236 2020 AZ
Caryn Isom Fraser F 49 5,633 2020 AZ
Lori Kindler F 46 5,633 2020 AZ
Eric Bergh M 68 5,359 2020 MN
Dick Daymont M 73 5,343 2020 MN
John Roth M 79 5,264 2020 WA
Pat Foley M 72 5,101 2020 MN
Lisa Anne Trudinger-Smith F 52 4,828 2020 AZ
Lyn Roth F 78 2,269 2020 WA
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Women’s All-Time Top 10 Performances by Age, 2020

First Name Last Name Gender Age Meters Year Site
Women 70+
Bobbi Pollock F 73 7,020 2006 CA
Rama Wineman F 71 5,200 2019 TN
Lyn Roth F 71 4,800 2014 WA
Lyn Roth F 70 4,800 2012 WA
Carol Filer F 76 3,600 2010 WA
Carol Filer F 75 3,600 2009 WA
Lyn Roth F 71 3,600 2013 WA
Lyn Roth F 75 3,440 2018 WA
Lyn Roth F 76 3,263 2019 WA
Mary Graeff F 72 3,200 2014 ID
Women 60-69
Anne Jeffery F 62 10,718 2011 ID
Anne Jeffery F 64 10,320 2013 ID
Francie Hill F 63 10,000 2013 ID
Francie Hill F 65 9,200 2014 ID
Liz Boyd F 60 8,209 2020 WA
Peggy Hoekman F 68 7,900 2011 WA
Terry Grill F 60 7,881 2014 CA
Terry Grill F 61 7,563 2016 CA
Tammy Gray F 62 6,400 2017 TN
Lyn Roth F 66 5,600 2008 WA
Women 50-59
EJ Harpham F 54 12,030 2011 ID
EJ Harpham F 53 12,030 2010 ID
Kathy Morrel F 50 11,950 2011 ID
EJ Harpham F 55 11,900 2012 ID
EJ Harpham F 56 11,760 2013 ID
Laura Johnson F 54 11,600 2012 ID
Kelly Fredgren F 51 11,520 2017 VA
Laura Fiori F 51 10,870 2015 VA
Michelle McLellan F 50 10,400 2019 TN
Liz Boyd F 50 10,200 2010 AZ
Women 40-49
Pam Smith F 42 15,370 2017 OR
Tonya Sanders Lutz F 43 15,030 2020 OR
Stephanie Snyder F 41 14,895 2011 OR
Stephanie Snyder F 40 14,415 2010 OR
Simone Sengers F 44 14,200 2015 VA
Suzanne Halekas F 41 14,080 2020 IA
Emma Chaput F 40 14,080 2014 OR
Angie Smith F 41 13,975 2014 OR
Stephanie Snyder F 42 13,900 2012 OR
Mariko Tokoyoda F 42 13,540 2019 OR
Women 30-39
Pam Smith F 39 15,279 2014 OR
Trisha Steidl F 37 15,179 2014 WA
Pam Smith F 37 15,090 2012 OR
Annie Stanley F 39 14,580 2015 VA
Pam Smith F 35 14,578 2010 OR
Trisha Steidl F 37 14,558 2015 WA
Pam Smith F 36 14,500 2011 OR
Alicia Longyear F 37 14,413 2015 CA
Alicia Longyear F 38 14,368 2016 CA
Laurie Brunner F 34 14,220 2015 VA
Women 20-29
Kristin Heilmeier F 27 15,000 2015 VA
Kari Putterman F 26 13,918 2016 MN
Molly Schreiner F 27 13,730 2012 OR
Meghan Hegarty F 28 13,450 2012 NC
Kristin Heilmeier F 26 13,400 2014 VA
Rita Beard F 22 13,400 2012 NC
Meghan Hegarty F 25 13,400 2010 NC
Meghan Hegarty F 26 13,370 2009 NC
Meghan Hegarty F 27 13,200 2011 NC
Alison Hanks F 28 12,750 2009 WA
Women 19 & under
Hannah Oscarson F 16 13,320 2015 MN
Perry Kemper F 15 12,700 2020 ID
Nicole Theberath F 17 12,600 2020 MN
Keeley Brooks F 17 12,370 2020 WA
Ella Hall F 14 12,000 2012 WA
Jessica Olson F 16 12,000 2016 MN
Monique Theberath F 18 12,000 2016 MN
Maddie Bauer F 14 11,600 2016 MN
Chloe Garcia Grafing F 13 11,500 2016 MN
Claire Bussmann F 17 11,500 2020 MN
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Men’s All-Time Top 10 Performances by Age, 2020

First Name Last Name Gender Age Meters Year Site
Men 70+
Bob Hoekman M 70 11,400 2011 WA
Bob Aby M 72 10,900 2017 MN
Bob Aby M 71 10,820 2016 MN
Bob Aby M 73 10,515 2018 MN
Bob Aby M 75 9,785 2020 MN
Bob Aby M 74 9,700 2019 MN
Bob Aby M 70 9,700 2015 MN
Dick Daymont M 70 8,510 2018 MN
Wes Wineman M 72 7,200 2019 TN
John Roth M 74 6,165 2015 WA
Men 60-69
Dan Meireis M 62 15,025 2020 WA
Dan Meireis M 60 14,814 2018 OR
Dan Meireis M 61 14,550 2019 OR
Bob Aby M 68 12,800 2013 MN
Stan Hup M 61 12,700 2016 MN
Eric Bergh M 60 12,670 2012 MN
Bob Aby M 67 12,400 2012 MN
Dean Christensen M 63 12,320 2014 MN
Bob Aby M 68 12,300 2014 MN
Pat Foley M 61 12,150 2009 MN
Men 50-59
Don Gallogly M 51 16,190 2019 OR
Dan Meireis M 56 15,450 2014 OR
Dan Meireis M 57 15,400 2015 OR
Dan Meireis M 58 15,375 2016 OR
Dan Meireis M 59 15,190 2017 OR
Dan Meireis M 54 15,100 2012 OR
Ed Muniak M 50 14,700 2020 MN
Jay Anderson M 50 14,681 2006 CA
Dan Meireis M 53 14,600 2011 OR
Randy Peterson M 54 14,500 2020 MN
Men 40-49
Uli Steidl M 43 17,835 2015 WA
Greg Crowther M 40 17,615 2013 WA
Uli Steidl M 41 17,615 2013 WA
Don Gallogly M 46 16,675 2014 OR
Don Gallogly M 45 16,600 2013 OR
Bob Julian M 40 16,495 2008 OR
Don Gallogly M 43 16,440 2012 OR
Nathan Campeau M 41 16,130 2020 MN
Joel Wegener M 46 16,050 2020 MN
Mike Tyler M 47 16,000 2014 OR
Men 30-39
Greg Crowther M 33 18,115 2006 WA
Greg Crowther M 35 17,920 2009 WA
Greg Crowther M 35 17,420 2008 WA
Joel Wegener M 32 16,650 2006 MN
Erik Brooks M 30 16,547 2002 MN
Josh Zielinski M 31 16,481 2014 OR
Josh Zielinski M 34 16,335 2017 OR
Brian Maher M 33 16,290 2013 WA
Mike Fox M 38 16,237 2017 VA
Erik Brooks M 31 16,217 2003 MN
Men 20-29
Chris Lundberg M 23 17,600 2006 MN
Greg Crowther M 28 17,361 2001 WA
Dan Church M 21 17,360 2005 MN
Trevor Palmer M 24 17,300 2008 OR
Colin McGrath M 29 16,960 2016 PA
Nick DiPirro M 26 16,672 2015 VA
JJ Moses M 25 16,496 2008 OR
Colin McGrath M 22 16,350 2009 IL
Erik Brooks M 28 15,826 2000 WA
Nick DiPirro M 25 15,580 2014 VA
Men 19 & under
Joe Neufeldt M 16 15,500 2016 MN
Diego Lopez M 19 15,100 2014 CA
Noe Kemper M 14 14,470 2020 ID
Liam Daily M 16 13,800 2012 WA
Alex Gonzalez M 17 13,680 2011 ID
Kenyon Nystrom M 16 13,600 2016 MN
Casey Smith M 19 13,600 2011 WA
Nathan Amundson M 15 13,400 2020 MN
Edison Foster M 17 13,400 2016 MN
Liam Daily M 14 13,200 2010 WA
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