2018 Titus van Rijn Hour Reports

2018 Titus van Rijn Reports

The 20th edition of the Titus Van Rijn Hour featured 72 participants from ten states and ranging in age from six to 77. Congratulations to all who participated, and a special thank you to everyone who helped organize Titus hours of your own!

In Claremont, CA, Alicia Longyear and Emma DeLira covered 12,940m (8.04 miles) to share the 2018 TVR women’s crown. This was Alicia’s third TVR title. This was Emma’s first TVR hour; she’s another in the event’s tradition of ultramarathon trail runners who seem to thrive on the track too. On the men’s side, Joel Wegener (MN) ran 14,900m (9.26 miles) to claim the men’s title for 2018. (TVR history buffs may recall that Wegener ran 16,650m in 2006, when Greg Crowther set the event record and Chris Lundberg took second.)

In a dramatic example of the virtual “racing” that TVR can produce, this year Wegener barely held off Dan Meireis (Salem, OR), whose tremendous 14,814m effort (~9.21 miles) established a new record in the M60-69 category.

In addition to Dan’s new M60-69 record, the following participants established Top 10 TVR marks in 2018:

  • Bob Aby: 10,9515m, #4 M70+
  • Dick Daymont: 8,510m #6 M70+
  • Lyn Roth: 3,440m #8 F70+
  • Perry Kemper: 11,263, #8 F19&U

Collectively, this year’s TVR participants covered 679,215m (~422 miles). Cumulatively, TVR participants have strode over 12.68 million meters (~7,884 miles) since 1999.

One demographic note: This year we had only 8 participants aged 30-39 and just one in the 20-29 age group (thanks for running, Perry Tetreaut!) Like TVR itself, we’re getting older. We hope you’ll help us to encourage more 20- and 30-somethings to join us next year.

For now, as always, we raise a frosty glass of black cherry soda in salute to each of you. Race reports from a number of TVR venues follow, below.

Andy Roth & Mike Persick

TVR Meet Directors

*           *           *           *           *

Kirk Reynolds reports from Claremont, CA: Three of us (plus a kid, temporarily) ran the Titus van Rijn run today on Strehle Track on a coolish May-gray Southern California morning on Sunday, May 20. The light mist had made the Pomona College track wet, but the falling mist stopped just before our start time and the track dried out. Alicia, Emma and Kirk all ran together, which made the hour fly by much more quickly than if we had run solo away from the track, or solo on the track. The first mile was the slowest, and we all agreed that the older you are, the longer it takes to get rolling.

Beyond the slow opening, warm-up mile, the person in lane 1 set the pace. Kirk and Alicia held pretty firm in the 7:20s/mile range, but Emma hammered away at 7:05/7:09 during her time in lane 1 since the track was flat and there were no 30-mile rolling trail sections.

We were also rabbited early on by a bicycling kid who weaved ahead of us and set a tough pace for 30 meters, only to slow and get swallowed up by our three-pack — followed by another 30 meter burst. Then he spent a few laps riding back and forth over the inside aluminum rail in front of us because, I believe, Titus would have appreciated the challenge therein. Then his mom called him over because it was time to go, and we were left with empty stretches of blue track ahead of us.

Cooper Longyear also joined us at the start, putting in a strong four laps, followed by a stop to see Dad Dave using his foam roller trackside, then he put in three more laps, then looked for his baseball glove, then put in a final 400m finish. Meanwhile, a horizontal Dave hollered unconditional support: “You look slow, Reynolds!”

We hit stop at the 60-minute mark, and popped open some bottles of blackberry soda (closest we could find) within 60-seconds of completion. Then we looked at our phones and posted to Strava and other social media.

Elizabeth Niemeyer reports from George Stielow Field, Henry Sibley HS in Mendota Heights, MN: It was a hot and sultry Minnesota morning, with a heat advisory in effect. Nevertheless, three of us headed out to my old high school–named after a former governor with a sordid history (more here!). We even had a big money bet on the way whether the Titus van Rijn run has been around for 20 years. There was a Lutheran church service being held in the parking lot when we started, so we knew we had God on our side. After circling the track for an hour, we shared a mildly cool black cherry soda and were glad to have continued the tradition of excellence that is the TvR run.

Katie Galdabini reports: I was excited to be able to run with my husband and sister-in-law at their old high school alma mater in Minnesota. It was neat seeing where they had gone to school, and definitely great to have company. As my sister-in-law shared, there was a church service taking place in the adjoining parking lot, but otherwise the only sounds were snippets of The Clash that my husband had playing from his phone to inspire us. We didn’t talk much, but shared high fives with each other as we passed by, and of course the best part was sharing the black cherry soda at the end!

Patrick Niemeyer adds: I joined my wife and sister at the track from my old high school.  I ran about 4 miles in about 30 minutes and thought “Good gravy it’s hot—I’ll walk a lap and then keep running.” I walked a lap, ran ~100m and renegotiated with myself, “OK, I’ll just try to keep moving” and I guess I accomplished that. This was not my proudest TVR—but I pounded that black cherry soda like a boss!

From Northfield, MN, Pat Foley reports: The Band of 10,000 Aches (BOTTA) had their 15th annual hour run May 19th at the Carleton College.  We had the best weather in a few years.  It was dry and 50 degrees.  In addition to the 12 runners on May 19th, three others ran on their own. The fifteen runners ran/walked over 150,000 meters which pushed the group’s 15 year total to over 2 million meters.  As is our tradition, it was followed by black cherry soda AND Girl Scout cookies.

Sean Foley reports from the Twin Cities: It was a smaller group than normal, but 5 hearty souls kept the Twin Cities TVR tradition alive.  This was our 14th year overall and 5th year in a row at Minnehaha Academy in south Minneapolis, MN. We were a little worried about the weather given that we waited until June 10th to run, but it worked out fine. Temperature was in the mid-60s with a light breeze, clouds, and a bit of humidity. Because of the smaller group, we ran adults and kids in one heat. One non-TVRer joined us on the track for about 15 minutes, pounding out some impressive looking 200 and 400 repeats. A couple past TVR participants joined us at the end for Black Cherry Soda. A good time was had by all.

Netta Vogt reports from the Science Hill High School track in Johnson City, TN: This was our 3rd year doing it and it has now become an annual tradition!! Yesterday, we started running in the heat and ended in a crazy downpour!

From Conestoga HS in Berwyn, PA, Mike Persick reports: It was a bit warm and humid by the end of our hour. Jenna had a great run, totaling 8440m.  Her splits show that after a conservative start she settled into a steady 11:15 pace, only slowing a bit near the end in the bright sun. My result was 12740m, a disappointing effort. Last year I ran a full kilometer farther with a smart, conservative early pace, but this time I was much too ambitious from the start and then completely blew up just short of 30 mins.  I’m disappointed that I backed off much too abruptly when I lost confidence in my ability to hold on. If only it were the TVR 1/2 Hour Distance Classic! Our black cherry soda was Hank’s Wishniak.  (That’s Hank’s, not to be confused with the classic Frank’s!) While warming up, Jenna had pointed out two hawks moving from tree to tree around the track area.  It seemed likely that one was scouting and the other following.  Not knowing their habits, I can only speculate. Jenna also spotted one or two turkey vultures while running.  Considering my result, I’m lucky they went hungry this day!

From the Richfield High School track, in Richfield, UT, elevation 5400m, Ryan Thalman reports: Had to wait for all of the youth football players to leave, so I started at 9pm on the night of a new moon.

Alan Kim reports from Port Jefferson, NY: I began running around 8:30 PM, at nightfall. I was the only person on the track. A deer watched me for about five laps and lost interest. Driving back, the radio played Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” followed by a Yuengling commercial. Clearly a sign. The family was asleep when I got home, so I had a black cherry soda at the kitchen table and went to bed.

Pete Nichol reports: I live in California now, but a family visit placed in Little Falls, Minnesota today, so I went over to the Little Falls HS track where I had last raced just over 27 years ago. I found the track locked behind a tall chain link fence. I have to confess a bit of relief at maybe being able to forestall my first TVR attempt until next year when the middle school track coach appeared (at 6:30 a.m.!) with a key to let me in. Conditions were nearly ideal, so I am deprived of all of the excuses I might like to muster to explain my performance.

From Northfield, MN, James Umbanhowar reports: Originally scheduled to take place in Kenyon on the Kenyon-Wanamingo dirt track, we had a late change of venue due to the whole track being excavated (curse us Google Streetview!). The weather was simultaneously unusually cool (for NC resident) and uncomfortably warm (for a LA resident). Objectively, it was mid 70’s, overcast with a dewpoint in the 60’s. John was lapped 4 times, but swears he was catching back up on the last lap to finish with 11400 m. We broke tradition a little and shared a Mollusk Cherry Sour beer.

From Seattle, WA, Andy Roth reports:  I ran a solo TVR hour on the dirt track at Green Lake on a cool, cloudy morning. Though I ran alone, the infield was abuzz with activity as the entire student body from a local elementary school partook in some sort of field day that featured lots of running, some singing, and a bewildering game played by tossing a giant stuffed animal frog. The east end of the track is shaded by trees that made it feel almost like a forest trail. I ran steady most of the way and picked up my pace over the last kilometer in an effort to reach the 12k plateau. I came up just short, but was satisfied with the effort anyhow. I almost skipped this year. Reading other runners’ reports encouraged me to get out for an hour of my own.





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2018 Titus van Rijn Hour Results

First Name Last Name Gender Age Meters Year Site
Joel Wegener M 44 14,900 2018 MN
Dan Meireis M 60 14,814 2018 OR
Pete Nichol M 45 13,220 2018 MN
Will Kemper M 48 12,986 2018 ID
James Umbanhowar M 45 12,950 2018 MN
Alicia Longyear F 40 12,940 2018 CA
Emma DeLira F 31 12,940 2018 CA
Kirk Reynolds M 54 12,940 2018 CA
Sean  Foley M 46 12,824 2018 MN
Mike Persick M 52 12,740 2018 PA
Adam Putnam M 32 12,600 2018 MN
Alan Kim M 50 12,496 2018 NY
Noe Kemper M 12 12,432 2018 ID
Ryan Thalman M 34 12,067 2018 UT
Andy Roth M 50 11,845 2018 WA
Dale Fredrickson M 60 11,740 2018 MN
Katie Galdabini F 46 11,667 2018 MN
Stan Hup M 63 11,630 2018 MN
Brian Villanueva M 46 11,600 2018 TN
John Umbanhowar M 48 11,400 2018 MN
John Sauer M 55 11,287 2018 MN
Perry Kemper F 13 11,263 2018 ID
Kenny Standley M 57 11,200 2018 TN
Jesse Fritz M 41 11,200 2018 TN
Jason Tipton M 40 11,200 2018 TN
Jeff Vance M 39 11,200 2018 TN
Eric Bergh M 66 11,050 2018 MN
Joe Winegardner M 62 10,939 2018 CO
Perry Tetreaut M 23 10,803 2018 MN
Hank Tetreaut M 53 10,802 2018 MN
Richard Oreskovic M 54 10,800 2018 TN
Rob Nutt M 50 10,700 2018 MN
Dean Christenson M 67 10,520 2018 MN
Bob Aby M 73 10,515 2018 MN
Liane Jennings F 45 10,400 2018 TN
Susan Greineder F 43 10,400 2018 TN
Nick  Foley M 11 10,337 2018 MN
Patrick Niemeyer M 42 10,317 2018 MN
Ava  Hanks F 14 10,126 2018 MN
Elizabeth Niemeyer F 46 10,024 2018 MN
Michelle McLellan F 49 10,000 2018 TN
Justin London M 59 9,990 2018 MN
Chick Woodward M 60 9,700 2018 MN
Julie  Foley F 46 9,626 2018 MN
Bridget  Foley F 14 9,614 2018 MN
Jay Anderson M 62 9,203 2018 CA
Beth Lillycrop F 50 8,800 2018 TN
Dick Daymont M 70 8,510 2018 MN
Jenna Persick F 47 8,440 2018 PA
Darrell Wagner M 64 8,400 2018 TN
Netta Vogt F 42 8,000 2018 TN
Rick Gray M 57 8,000 2018 TN
Aimee Henley F 30 7,600 2018 TN
Mark Jennings M 60 7,600 2018 TN
Robert Cantor M 48 7,600 2018 TN
Becky Earp F 47 7,200 2018 TN
Patsy Cantor F 47 7,200 2018 TN
Amanda Williams F 33 7,200 2018 TN
Camryn Boles F 15 7,200 2018 TN
Brianna Villanueva F 14 6,000 2018 TN
John Roth M 77 5,860 2018 WA
Pat Foley M 70 5,370 2018 MN
Deanna Corley F 50 5,200 2018 TN
John Carter M 44 5,200 2018 TN
Breann Vance F 12 4,400 2018 TN
Rachael Carter F 37 4,000 2018 TN
Lyn Roth F 75 3,440 2018 WA
Cooper Longyear M 9 3,248 2018 CA
Carl Vogt M 8 3,200 2018 TN
AJ Fritz M 10 2,400 2018 TN
Winter Williams F 6 1,600 2018 TN
Alex Williams M 32 1,600 2018 TN
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Women’s All-Time Top 10 Performances by Age, 2018

First Name Last Name Gender Age Meters Year Site
Women 70+
Bobbi Pollock F 73 7,020 2006 CA
Lyn Roth F 71 4,800 2014 WA
Lyn Roth F 70 4,800 2012 WA
Carol Filer F 76 3,600 2010 WA
Carol Filer F 75 3,600 2009 WA
Lyn Roth F 71 3,600 2013 WA
Lyn Roth F 75 3,440 2018 WA
Mary Graeff F 72 3,200 2014 ID
Lyn Roth F 72 3,200 2016 WA
Women 60-69
Anne Jeffery F 62 10,718 2011 ID
Anne Jeffery F 64 10,320 2013 ID
Francie Hill F 63 10,000 2013 ID
Francie Hill F 65 9,200 2014 ID
Peggy Hoekman F 68 7,900 2011 WA
Terry Grill F 60 7,881 2014 CA
Terry Grill F 61 7,563 2016 CA
Tammy Gray F 62 6,400 2017 TN
Lyn Roth F 66 5,600 2008 WA
Annie Filer F 61 5,200 2009 WA
Women 50-59
EJ Harpham F 54 12,030 2011 ID
EJ Harpham F 53 12,030 2010 ID
Kathy Morrel F 50 11,950 2011 ID
EJ Harpham F 55 11,900 2012 ID
EJ Harpham F 56 11,760 2013 ID
Laura Johnson F 54 11,600 2012 ID
Kelly Fredgren F 51 11,520 2017 VA
Laura Fiori F 51 10,870 2015 VA
Liz Boyd F 50 10,200 2010 AZ
Heather Hawkins F 50 10,137 2016 TN
Women 40-49
Pam Smith F 42 15,370 2017 OR
Stephanie Snyder F 41 14,895 2011 OR
Stephanie Snyder F 40 14,415 2010 OR
Simone Sengers F 44 14,200 2015 VA
Emma Chaput F 40 14,080 2014 OR
Angie Smith F 41 13,975 2014 OR
Stephanie Snyder F 42 13,900 2012 OR
Leslie Hall F 47 13,460 2011 WA
Leslie Hall F 48 13,360 2012 WA
Annie Gorski F 42 13,000 2017 OR
Women 30-39
Pam Smith F 39 15,279 2014 OR
Trisha Steidl F 37 15,179 2014 WA
Pam Smith F 37 15,090 2012 OR
Annie Stanley F 39 14,580 2015 VA
Pam Smith F 35 14,578 2010 OR
Trisha Steidl F 37 14,558 2015 WA
Pam Smith F 36 14,500 2011 OR
Alicia Longyear F 37 14,413 2015 CA
Alicia Longyear F 38 14,368 2016 CA
Laurie Brunner F 34 14,220 2015 VA
Women 20-29
Kristin Heilmeier F 27 15,000 2015 VA
Kari Putterman F 26 13,918 2016 MN
Molly Schreiner F 27 13,730 2012 OR
Meghan Hegarty F 28 13,450 2012 NC
Kristin Heilmeier F 26 13,400 2014 VA
Rita Beard F 22 13,400 2012 NC
Meghan Hegarty F 25 13,400 2010 NC
Meghan Hegarty F 26 13,370 2009 NC
Meghan Hegarty F 27 13,200 2011 NC
Alison Hanks F 28 12,750 2009 WA
Women 19 & under
Hannah Oscarson F 16 13,320 2015 MN
Ella Hall F 14 12,000 2012 WA
Jessica Olson F 16 12,000 2016 MN
Monique Theberath F 18 12,000 2016 MN
Maddie Bauer F 14 11,600 2016 MN
Chloe Garcia Grafing F 13 11,500 2016 MN
Isabel Hoyt-Niemiec F 13 11,460 2016 MN
Perry Kemper F 13 11,263 2018 ID
Ella Hall F 13 11,250 2011 WA
Novie McCabe F 9 11,200 2011 WA
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Men’s All-Time Top 10 Performances by Age, 2018

First Name Last Name Gender Age Meters Year Site
Men 70+
Bob Hoekman M 70 11,400 2011 WA
Bob Aby M 72 10,900 2017 MN
Bob Aby M 71 10,820 2016 MN
Bob Aby M 73 10,515 2018 MN
Bob Aby M 70 9,700 2015 MN
Dick Daymont M 70 8,510 2018 MN
John Roth M 74 6,165 2015 WA
John Roth M 76 6,140 2017 WA
John Roth M 73 6,100 2013 WA
Men 60-69
Dan Meireis M 60 14,814 2018 OR
Bob Aby M 68 12,800 2013 MN
Stan Hup M 61 12,700 2016 MN
Eric Bergh M 60 12,670 2012 MN
Bob Aby M 67 12,400 2012 MN
Dean Christensen M 63 12,320 2014 MN
Bob Aby M 68 12,300 2014 MN
Pat Foley M 61 12,150 2009 MN
Stan Hup M 60 12,100 2015 MN
Eric Bergh M 62 12,080 2014 MN
Men 50-59
Dan Meireis M 56 15,450 2014 OR
Dan Meireis M 57 15,400 2015 OR
Dan Meireis M 58 15,375 2016 OR
Dan Meireis M 59 15,190 2017 OR
Dan Meireis M 54 15,100 2012 OR
Jay Anderson M 50 14,681 2006 CA
Dan Meireis M 53 14,600 2011 OR
Bob Clouston M 53 14,349 2015 VA
Dean Christenson M 53 14,200 2004 MN
Randy Peterson M 50 14,000 2016 MN
Men 40-49
Uli Steidl M 43 17,835 2015 WA
Greg Crowther M 40 17,615 2013 WA
Uli Steidl M 41 17,615 2013 WA
Don Gallogly M 46 16,675 2014 OR
Don Gallogly M 45 16,600 2013 OR
Bob Julian M 40 16,495 2008 OR
Don Gallogly M 43 16,440 2012 OR
Mike Tyler M 47 16,000 2014 OR
Brad Mitchell M 41 15,875 2011 ID
Andy Jones-Wilkins M 40 15,850 2008 ID
Men 30-39
Greg Crowther M 33 18,115 2006 WA
Greg Crowther M 35 17,920 2009 WA
Greg Crowther M 35 17,420 2008 WA
Joel Wegener M 32 16,650 2006 MN
Erik Brooks M 30 16,547 2002 MN
Josh Zielinski M 31 16,481 2014 OR
Josh Zielinski M 34 16,335 2017 OR
Brian Maher M 33 16,290 2013 WA
Mike Fox M 38 16,237 2017 VA
Erik Brooks M 31 16,217 2003 MN
Men 20-29
Chris Lundberg M 23 17,600 2006 MN
Greg Crowther M 28 17,361 2001 WA
Dan Church M 21 17,360 2005 MN
Trevor Palmer M 24 17,300 2008 OR
Colin McGrath M 29 16,960 2016 PA
Nick DiPirro M 26 16,672 2015 VA
JJ Moses M 25 16,496 2008 OR
Colin McGrath M 22 16,350 2009 IL
Erik Brooks M 28 15,826 2000 WA
Nick DiPirro M 25 15,580 2014 VA
Men 19 & under
Joe Neufeldt M 16 15,500 2016 MN
Diego Lopez M 19 15,100 2014 CA
Liam Daily M 16 13,800 2012 WA
Alex Gonzalez M 17 13,680 2011 ID
Kenyon Nystrom M 16 13,600 2016 MN
Casey Smith M 19 13,600 2011 WA
Edison Foster M 17 13,400 2016 MN
Liam Daily M 14 13,200 2010 WA
Taylor Woodruff M 15 13,200 2010 WA
Luka Van Der Pluljm M 16 12,500 2017 VA
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2018 TVR Invitation

You and yours are invited to participate in the 20th Annual


WHAT:  A one-hour footrace

WHERE: Your local track

WHEN:  Anytime between May Day (May 1) and Flag Day (June 14) 2018


* Your performance must take place on a standard 400-meter/440-yard track. Include partial laps in your final total; estimate distances as accurately as possible within reason.

* Send results to <andyleeroth@gmail.com> by midnight, 14 June 2018.  In your results, please note name, total distance completed (in meters or yards), gender, age, date, and location.  We encourage you to include a brief report of your experience for the official race report.

* You may run the event more than once if desired, but only submit your best mark.

* You are encouraged to invite others to participate in the event.


World champions in football and baseball celebrate with champagne; the victor at the Indy 500 gets a bottle of milk.  At TVR, the celebratory beverage of choice is black cherry soda. We encourage you to maintain the tradition.


World, women: 18,517 meters (~11.5 miles): Dire Tune (Eth), Ostrava, Czech Republic, 6/12/08

World, men: 21,285m (~13.2 miles): Haile Gebrselassie (Eth), Ostrava, Czech Republic. 6/27/07

USA, women: 17,273m (~10.7 miles): Nancy Conz, Amherst, MA 6/25/81

USA, men: 20,547m (~12.8 miles): Bill Rodgers (GBTC), Boston, MA 8/9/77

TVR, women: 15,370m (~9.55 miles): Pam Smith (OR), Salem, OR, 6/8/2017

TVR, men: 18,115 (~11.25 miles): Greg Crowther (WA), Seattle, WA 5/27/2006

Since 1999, TVR competitors have amassed more than 12 million meters of distance and countless gallons of black cherry soda. Join the fun!

Find TVR news and results at the official Titus Van Rijn blog: https://tvr1hour.wordpress.com and join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340462322681978/

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Please contact Andy Roth (andyleeroth@gmail.com) or Mike Persick (tvr1hour@gmail.com), TVR Meet Directors.


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2017 Titus van Rijn Reports

The 19th annual Titus Van Rijn Hour featured 98 participants from twelve states and ranging in age from seven to 76. Congratulations to all who participated, and thanks to everyone who helped organize Titus hours of your own!

Pam Smith of Salem, OR ran 15,370m (9.55 miles) to claim her fifth TVR title, breaking her own women’s record by 91 meters in the process. Josh Zielinski covered 16,335m (10.15 miles) to capture the men’s crown. His mark is #7 on the all-time list for TVR men, aged 30-39. Josh was closely chased by Mike Fox of Virginia, who ran 16,237m. Mike’s mark ranks #9 on the all-time list for TVR M30-39.

Dan Mereis (Salem, OR; age 59) claimed the men’s masters (age 40+) title yet again, with a run of 15,190m (9.44 miles). That result is #4 on the all-time M50-59 list, surpassed only by a trio of Dan’s efforts from previous years. We’ll look forward to his debut next year in the 60-69 age group. On the women’s side, Pam Smith also claimed the women’s masters title, followed by Annie Gorski’s 13,000m and Simone Senger’s 12,200m.

After nineteen years of performances, it takes a special effort to establish a mark that ranks among TVR’s all-time Top 10 age-group performances. In addition to the marks noted above the following participants established Top 10 marks in 2017:

  • Bob Aby: 10,900m, #2 M70+
  • John Roth: 6,140m, #6 M70+
  • Kelly Fredgren: 11,520m, #7 F50-95
  • Tammy Gray: 6,400m, #8 F60-69
  • Lyn Roth, 3,200m: #10 F70+
  • Luka Van Der Pluljm: 12,500m, #10 M19&U

Collectively, 2017 TVR participants covered 1,002,417 meters (~623 miles). Cumulatively, TVR participants have strode over 12 million meters (~7,461 miles) since 1999.

As always, we raise a frosty glass of black cherry soda in salute to each of you. And we hope you’ll join us again next year for the twentieth edition of the TVR Hour.

Andy Roth & Mike Persick, TVR Meet Directors

* * * * *

Five Questions for TVR Record Holder Pam Smith

  1. How did you find out about the TVR Hour?

Greg Crowther was my college classmate and I followed his running when he was in his prime. He participated several times in the TVR (and still holds the men’s record). I read about his experiences on his blog and thought it’d fun to try.

  1. You’re best known as an ultra runner. How does a hard hour on the track relate to your primary racing focus? Does ultrarunning experience help your TVR performances? Does TVR experience benefit your ultra performances?

TVR is a great long distance speed workout and I think marathoners and ultra-runners can always benefit from that. I use TVR as a strategically planned hard workout similar to a tune-up race, which I do think benefits my ultra training and race performances. On the other hand, I think being an ultra runner helps with the mental aspect of TVR as ultras make you focus and push hard for long periods of time. And when you have done races that last 8, 12, or even 24 hours, one hour doesn’t seem that long!

  1. What is the hardest part of the hour for you? What do you do mentally to meet that challenge?

My first year I ran the TVR by myself and did WAY worse than I expected. I found it was mentally tough to motivate myself to keep pushing hard with no other frame of reference or incentive. So my second year I recruited some friends to run with me. Working together or at least being on the track together helps me stay focused and engaged enough to keep working hard the whole time. I have never run it alone since! I think our group has all been able to help each other and several other Salem runners have put up some great results.

  1. Racing flats or training shoes for TVR?

I wore the Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 this year. It is a lightweight trainer and my go-to for weekly track workouts.

  1. If you could become any kind of (non-human) animal, what would you pick and why?

One of my mantras for running is “Be the zebra” because a zebra’s will cannot be broken (and thus zebra’s have not been domesticated). In running you can’t let the lows break you, so I guess that is the animal I relate to the most. But I would probably choose to be an eagle because I would love to soar through the air and see the world from above.


John Douglass writes: The Tucson edition was presented May 6, 2017. After logistical challenges at our traditional venue, Catalina High School (locked gates and razor wire), we regrouped at Alvernon Park and ran the perimeter for an hour (a 0.3 mile circuit, rather than a traditional 0.25 on a track). Another great turnout from Himmel Athletics for the Tucson edition of the Titus van Rijn One-Hour Distance Classic Invitational! The 12 of us ran a cumulative total of 60.9 miles, which is an impressive 98,025 meters. I might also add that folks from Himmel Athletics have been doing this as a group since 2009, so that’s quite a tradition!

Pat Foley reports from MN: The Band of 10,000 Aches (BOTTA ) ran its 14th Annual Titus Van Rijn One Hour Distance Classic. We are struggling to get to the level of “classic”, but we continue to try.

Seven BOTTA members gathered at the Carleton track in Northfield on May 20 with a temperature of 42 degrees, rain and light wind. So overheating was not an issue.  Three others (the smarter ones?) ran at later dates.  Of course, at the conclusion we quickly had some black cherry soda and Girl Scout cookies (our tradition, as my granddaughter is a Girl Scout).

BOTTA has now reached 1.94 million meters (over 1,200 miles) so we look forward to reaching the 2 million mark in 2018.

From the Twin Cities, Sean Foley writes:

The number of competitors for the Twin Cities Chapter of the TVR was down this year, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. This was the 4th year in a row and 5th out of the last 6 that we ran at Minnehaha Academy in south Minneapolis.
It was a sunny, relatively warm (mid-60s at start) race on Sunday, May 14, 2017. The kids and adults ran in separate heats. Nathan Campeau (easily) repeated as Twin Cities champion. Ava Hanks had an impressive TVR debut.
There was some mild controversy when one runner claimed that a competitor had taken more than 3 consecutive strides inside the line while running the curve, but there was no video evidence, so we avoided the first ever (??) TVR disqualification.
We, of course, celebrated with Black Cherry Soda. This year, in honor of the fact that we raced on Mother’s Day, we added a variety of pastries to the festivities.

The aforementioned Nathan Campeau recently wrote an article for the Run Minnesota magazine (Mar/Apr 2017 issue, p12) about how to measure the “value” of a race.  Lots of good analysis and calculations comparing various races in Minnesota, but TVR was a glaring omission.  🙂  For my money, even with the cost of the donuts factored in this year, TVR remains the best value in racing today!

From Conestoga High School in Berwyn, PA, Mike Persick reports:

I ran 13,708m, which was very satisfying after several years of poor results or not even running.  I made a point of starting out slowly and then fell into a decent rhythm.  I enjoyed taking kilometer splits, which are just short enough to keep my attention and give good in-race feedback.

Jenna walked 5,850m and reports that she spotted a turkey vulture sitting atop the school building, apparently hoping she would keel over by the side of the track.  Jenna remained upright for the full hour, and the turkey vulture went hungry that evening.

In the interest of economizing my budget but not my calories, I went with the large but inexpensive 2-liter bottle of Canada Dry Black Cherry Wishniak, which we enjoyed for the rest of the week.

From Facebook: On a lonely wind-swept track in the northern Rockies, Hank Dart laid bare his frailties as tribute to the 2017 TVR One-Hour Run, covering 13,490 meters (Age 49, male). Though the TVR is never really fun. It’s always empowering.

From the Lower Woodland track Patrick Niemeyer reports: Conditions were pretty good in Seattle for the last day of the 2017 TVR season: overcast with temperatures in the 60s. I returned to the track at lower Woodland Park where I’ve run dozens of workouts and my first TVR, but I hadn’t set foot there in years. It was great to be back! I hoped to be able to run at least a 7:30 pace and wound up running pretty consistent 7:14 1600s. It was tough and the black cherry soda was as delicious as ever. Thanks for continuing to make this a thing!

Josh Zielinski writes: A late and last day entry from Salem, Oregon (SSHS track). I missed the group run last week so I decided to go alone (as I did last time I did a TVR in 2014). I had Otis Redding blaring on the headphones and started the phone stopwatch timer around 4:30AM. I used its lap feature to count laps and maintain some loosely controlled splits as it has been 2+ years since I last ran more than a couple laps on the track. Weather was cool and overcast with a slight breeze on the west facing straightaway. Finished the hour about 65 meters from 16400 so 16,335 it is. Now, I just need to find Pam Proffitt Smith for my black cherry scone… thanks to all who host this site and participate, it’s inspiring!







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2017 Titus van Rijn Hour Results

First Name Last Name Gender Age Meters Year Site
Josh Zielinski M 34 16,335 2017 OR
Mike Fox M 38 16,237 2017 VA
Pam Smith F 42 15,370 2017 OR
Nathan Campeau M 38 15,248 2017 MN
Dan Meireis M 59 15,190 2017 OR
Rick Kwiatkowski M 51 13,939 2017 VA
Chris Campbell M 52 13,840 2017 VA
Mike Persick M 51 13,708 2017 PA
Darius Nabors M 31 13,680 2017 VA
Randy Niemiec M 46 13,650 2017 MN
Jason Farr M 39 13,627 2017 VA
Jon Eric Thalman M 46 13,600 2017 CA
Hank Dart M 49 13,490 2017 ID
Patrick Niemeyer M 41 13,325 2017 WA
Patrick Morris M 40 13,325 2017 NC
Dennis Gamroth M 46 13,300 2017 OR
Christopher Huggins M 43 13,225 2017 NC
Gary Pleasant M 53 13,200 2017 TN
Adam Putnam M 31 13,200 2017 MN
Sean Foley M 45 13,144 2017 MN
Paul Ferrer M 52 13,072 2017 VA
Annie Gorski F 42 13,000 2017 OR
Sean Faulk M 44 13,000 2017 MN
Doug Johnson M 43 12,880 2017 VA
Andy Lee Roth M 49 12,530 2017 CA
Luka Van Der Pluljm M 16 12,500 2017 VA
James Umbanhowar M 44 12,450 2017 NC
Bob Clouston M 55 12,293 2017 VA
Simone Sengers F 46 12,200 2017 VA
Becca Weast F 29 12,080 2017 VA
Ryan Thalman M 33 11,999 2017 UT
Steve Combs M 57 11,900 2017 VA
Andy Jones-Wilkins M 49 11,847 2017 VA
Jesse Parker M 37 11,845 2017 VA
Michael Gallagher M 49 11,800 2017 VA
Dale Fredrickson M 59 11,600 2017 MN
Kelly Fredgren F 51 11,520 2017 VA
Marissa Montoya F 26 11,424 2017 CA
Shelley Morris F 33 11,395 2017 VA
Don Hubman M 49 11,233 2017 AZ
Warren Winkelman M 56 11,200 2017 MN
Briana Averill F 39 11,105 2017 AZ
Stan Hup M 62 11,100 2017 MN
Ruby Munoz F 19 10,941 2017 CA
Bob Aby M 72 10,900 2017 MN
Eric Bergh M 65 10,900 2017 MN
Netta Vogt F 41 10,800 2017 TN
Alicia Johnson F 28 10,700 2017 VA
Alice Lin F 27 10,622 2017 CA
Ashley Hernandez F 19 10,621 2017 CA
Justin London M 58 10,600 2017 MN
Joe Winegardner M 61 10,500 2017 CO
Kit Hayes F 38 10,400 2017 TN
Robert Nielsen M 49 10,400 2017 TN
Jesse Fritz M 40 10,400 2017 TN
Gawain Douglass M 47 10,396 2017 AZ
Tricia Aldridge F 48 10,155 2017 AZ
Julie Foley F 45 10,016 2017 MN
Michelle Mclellan F 48 10,000 2017 TN
Rick Hawkins M 54 10,000 2017 TN
Liz Boyd F 57 9,900 2017 CA
Chick Woodward M 59 9,900 2017 MN
Rob Nutt M 49 9,900 2017 MN
Jim Edwards M 56 9,881 2017 AZ
Jay Anderson M 61 9,800 2017 CA
Nick Foley M 10 9,718 2017 MN
Deborah Rubens F 50 9,656 2017 AZ
Amanda Blondeau F 35 9,650 2017 VA
Ava Hanks F 13 9,614 2017 MN
Bridget Foley F 13 9,612 2017 MN
LeeJay Lynch M 48 9,600 2017 TN
Giselle Vargas F 18 9,332 2017 CA
Corrine Schmidt F 24 9,200 2017 TN
Lisa Hazlett F 39 9,108 2017 TN
Gina Lynch F 48 8,800 2017 TN
Lisa Kwiatkowski F 52 8,600 2017 VA
Conner Hall M 30 8,000 2017 TN
Rick Gray M 56 7,600 2017 TN
Caryn Isom Fraser F 46 7,467 2017 AZ
Jason Hazlett M 42 7,200 2017 TN
Deanna Lewis F 54 7,081 2017 AZ
Ash Trudinger-Smith M 54 7,065 2017 AZ
John Douglass M 48 7,001 2017 AZ
Heather Hawkins F 52 6,800 2017 TN
Lisa Anne Trudinger-Smith F 49 6,502 2017 AZ
Tammy Gray F 62 6,400 2017 TN
Kathy Schmidt F 56 6,400 2017 TN
John Roth M 76 6,140 2017 WA
Paul Schmidt M 55 6,000 2017 TN
Jenna Persick F 46 5,850 2017 PA
Mark Jennings M 59 5,600 2017 TN
Meagan Quisenberry F 24 4,000 2017 TN
Lyn Roth F 74 3,200 2017 WA
Chelsea Jennings F 11 1,600 2017 TN
Sydnee Mclellan F 11 1,600 2017 TN
Carl Vogt M 7 1,600 2017 TN
Julian Sensabaugh M 7 1,600 2017 TN
Dolores Hoerning F 74 483 2017 AZ
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