Women’s All-Time Top-10 Performances by Age

Women 70+
Bobbi Pollock F 73 7,020 2006 CA
Lyn Roth F 71 4,800 2014 WA
Lyn Roth F 70 4,800 2012 WA
Carol Filer F 76 3,600 2010 WA
Carol Filer F 75 3,600 2009 WA
Lyn Roth F 71 3,600 2013 WA
Mary Graeff F 72 3,200 2014 ID
Carol Filer F 79 2,400 2012 WA
Women 60-69
Anne Jeffery F 62 10,718 2011 ID
Anne Jeffery F 64 10,320 2013 ID
Francie Hill F 63 10,000 2013 ID
Francie Hill F 65 9,200 2014 ID
Peggy Hoekman F 68 7,900 2011 WA
Terry Grill F 60 7,881 2014 CA
Lyn Roth F 66 5,600 2008 WA
Annie Filer F 61 5,200 2009 WA
Karel Renard F 63 5,000 2011 WA
Annie Filer F 63 5,000 2011 WA
Women 50-59
EJ Harpham F 54 12,030 2011 ID
EJ Harpham F 53 12,030 2010 ID
Kathy Morrel F 50 11,950 2011 ID
EJ Harpham F 55 11,900 2012 ID
EJ Harpham F 56 11,760 2013 ID
Laura Johnson F 54 11,600 2012 ID
Liz Boyd F 50 10,200 2010 AZ
Betsey Smith F 53 9,800 2011 WA
Liz Boyd F 51 9,675 2011 CA
Liz Boyd F 52 9,290 2012 CA
Women 40-49
Stephanie Snyder F 41 14,895 2011 OR
Stephanie Snyder F 40 14,415 2010 OR
Emma Chaput F 40 14,080 2014 OR
Angie Smith F 41 13,975 2014 OR
Stephanie Snyder F 42 13,900 2012 OR
Leslie Hall F 47 13,460 2011 WA
Leslie Hall F 48 13,360 2012 WA
Liv Jensen F 40 12,580 2012 ID
Julie Cord F 43 12,429 2010 ID
Allison Delong F 46 12,420 2011 WA
Women 30-39
Pam Smith F 39 15,279 2014 OR
Trisha Steidl F 37 15,179 2014 WA
Pam Smith F 37 15,090 2012 OR
Pam Smith F 35 14,578 2010 OR
Pam Smith F 36 14,500 2011 OR
Alicia Longyear F 34 13,875 2014 CA
Pam Smith F 34 13,510 2009 OR
Annie Stanley F 38 13,360 2014 VA
Alicia Longyear F 35 13,300 2013 CA
Liv Jensen F 38 12,960 2010 ID
Women 20-29
Molly Schreiner F 27 13,730 2012 OR
Meghan Hegarty F 28 13,450 2012 NC
Kristin Heilmeier F 26 13,400 2014 VA
Rita Beard F 22 13,400 2012 NC
Meghan Hegarty F 25 13,400 2010 NC
Meghan Hegarty F 26 13,370 2009 NC
Meghan Hegarty F 27 13,200 2011 NC
Alison Hanks F 28 12,750 2009 WA
Rita Beard F 20 12,700 2010 NC
Christine Kollar F 28 12,600 2012 ID
Women 19 & under
Ella Hall F 14 12,000 2012 WA
Ella Hall F 13 11,250 2011 WA
Novie McCabe F 9 11,200 2011 WA
Novie McCabe F 10 11,100 2012 WA
Taya Delong F 11 10,800 2011 WA
Liv Aspholm F 8 10,600 2011 WA
Liv Aspholm F 7 10,200 2010 WA
Novie McCabe F 8 10,200 2010 WA
Keeley Brooks F 9 10,100 2012 WA
Taya Delong F 12 10,100 2012 WA
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Men’s All-Time Top-10 Performances by Age

Men 70+            
Bob Hoekman M 70 11,400 2011 WA
John Roth M 73 6,100 2013 WA
John Roth M 72 6,080 2012 WA
John Roth M 73 6,040 2014 WA
John Roth M 70 6,000 2011 WA
John Davis M 71 5,622 2005 CA
Men 60-69            
Bob Aby M 68 12,800 2013 MN
Eric Bergh M 60 12,670 2012 MN
Bob Aby M 67 12,400 2012 MN
Dean Christensen M 63 12,320 2014 MN
Bob Aby M 68 12,300 2014 MN
Pat Foley M 61 12,150 2009 MN
Eric Bergh M 62 12,080 2014 MN
Eric Bergh M 61 11,850 2013 MN
Pat Foley M 60 11,750 2008 MN
Dick Daymont M 61 11,813 2008 MN
Men 50-59            
Dan Meireis M 56 15,450 2014 OR
Dan Meireis M 54 15,100 2012 OR
Jay Anderson M 50 14,681 2006 CA
Dan Meireis M 53 14,600 2011 OR
Dean Christenson M 53 14,200 2004 MN
Joe Winegardner M 53 13,850 2009 MN
Dan Kasper M 51 13,800 2010 MN
Dan Kasper M 50 13,750 2008 MN
Mark Drapac M 50 13,700 2012 MN
Rick Stark M 55 13,700 2013 ID
Men 40-49            
Greg Crowther M 40 17,615 2013 WA
Uli Steidl M 41 17,615 2013 WA
Don Gallogly M 46 16,675 2014 OR
Dan Gallogly M 45 16,600 2013 OR
Bob Julian M 40 16,495 2008 OR
Don Gallogly M 43 16,440 2012 OR
Mike Tyler M 47 16,000 2014 OR
Brad Mitchell M 41 15,875 2011 ID
Andy Jones-Wilkins M 40 15,850 2008 ID
Dave Steffens M 49 15,849 2009 WA
Men 30-39            
Greg Crowther M 33 18,115 2006 WA
Greg Crowther M 35 17,920 2009 WA
Greg Crowther M 35 17,420 2008 WA
Joel Wegener M 32 16,650 2006 MN
Erik Brooks M 30 16,547 2002 MN
Josh Zielinski M 31 16,481 2014 OR
Brian Maher M 33 16,290 2013 WA
Erik Brooks M 31 16,217 2003 MN
Mike Persick M 36 16,031 2002 PA
Joel Wegener M 37 16,025 2012 MN
Men 20-29            
Chris Lundberg M 23 17,600 2006 MN
Greg Crowther M 28 17,361 2001 WA
Dan Church M 21 17,360 2005 MN
Trevor Palmer M 24 17,300 2008 OR
JJ Moses M 25 16,496 2008 OR
Colin McGrath M 22 16,350 2009 IL
Erik Brooks M 28 15,826 2000 WA
Nick DiPirro M 25 15,580 2014 VA
Jasper Halekas M 29 14,925 2005 CA
Keith Ferguson M 27 14,850 2012 NC
Men 19 & under            
Diego Lopez M 19 15,100 2014 CA
Liam Daily M 16 13,800 2012 WA
Alex Gonzalez M 17 13,680 2011 ID
Casey Smith M 19 13,600 2011 WA
Liam Daily M 14 13,200 2010 WA
Taylor Woodruff M 15 13,200 2010 WA
Taylor Woodruff M 17 12,400 2012 WA
Taylor Woodruff M 16 12,320 2011 WA
Taylor Woodruff M 13 11,500 2008 WA
Luis Arriaga M 17 11,200 2014 CA
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2014 Titus van Rijn Reports

The sixteenth annual Titus Van Rijn Hour featured 125 participants, ranging in age from 3 to 73.

Pam Smith (15,279m) returned to claim her fourth TVR title, breaking her own women’s record by 189 meters in the process. On the same track, Dan Gallogly established a new personal best to claim his second men’s title. His mark (16,675m) is now #10 on the all-time TVR performance list.

Additional 2014 TVR performances deserving special recognition:

  • Trisha Steidl (Seattle, WA) ran 15,179m to surpass the previous women’s record.
  • Dan Mereis (Salem, OR) elevated his own M50-59 record to 15,450m.
  • Diego Lopez boosted the M19 & Under record to a lofty 15,100m.
  • Salem, OR, men took the first three spots: After Gallogly, Josh Zielinski (16,481m; #6 all-time, M30-39) and Mike Tyler (16,000m; #7 all-time, M40-49) completed excellent runs to complete an impressive sweep.
  • The Band of 10,000 Aches, out of Minnesota, continue to be a wrecking crew when it comes to the M60-69 category. Dean Christensen (12,300m), Bob Aby (12,300m), and Eric Bergh (12,080m) each added marks to the all-time M60-69 list this year. Once again the BOTTA men own every one of the top-10 all-time marks in the M60-69 category. (BOTTA runners also hold four of the top-10 M50-59 all-time marks.)
  • Women in the 30-39 bracket established four of the top-10 marks this year: In addition to the aforementioned performances by Smith and Steidl, Alicia Longyear (13,875m, Claremont, CA) improved on her previous TVR best, and Annie Stanley (13,360m, Charlottesville, VA) joined the F30-39 top ten.

Collectively, 2014 TVR participants covered 1,210,498 meters (~752.3 miles). Cumulatively, TVR participants have strode over 8.88 million meters (~5,521 miles) since 1999.

Congratulations to every one who participated this year. Special thanks to the folks who organized TVR events across the country and reported the results. We raise a glass of black cherry in salute to all of you. And we hope you’ll join us again next year.

Andy Roth & Mike Persick, TVR Meet Directors

*         *         *         *         *

John Douglass writes from Tucson, AZ: A small but hearty group of Old Pueblo folks met at Catalina High School on Saturday, May 10th at 6:45 for this year’s TVR run. Like at least one past year, we did not let locked gates stop us. Unfortunately, the past option – hopping the fence – was not possible due to newly-installed barbed wire. I don’t think it was in direct response to TVR attendees hopping the fence, although you never know. In the end, we found someone opening up the main gate to the High School to let us in and we began our run a bit after 7 AM, with a cool 64 degrees.

Due to assorted non-TVR-related injuries, many of us were a bit slow this year, but we all had a good time, and the 10 of us TVR-folks (minus Kevin Koch, who didn’t fill out the sheet) went a total of 66,148 meters. Emmy (age 8), Rainyr (age 10) and Mostyn (age 12 11/12) all challenged the rest of the runners with their energy and cheerfulness. Sadly (to some, at least), Ash did not get nearly naked and run around the track this year. It is rumored that Ash and Doremy talked the night before about coordinating their outfits for the event, as demonstrated by one of the attached photographs.

Sean Foley reports from Minneapolis, MN: This was the 10th running of the Minneapolis chapter of the TVR. Over the past decade, it seems to have gotten harder and harder to find a track open to the public around the metro area. This year we secured what we thought to be exclusive access to the Minneapolis Washburn High School track. We arrived at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning to find two Lacrosse teams warming up for an 8 am game. On a Sunday!! We did not want to be the first running of the TVR to feature a serious head injury, so we moved on to the Minnehaha Academy track (also in Minneapolis).

Thankfully, Minnehaha Academy has good old fashioned grass on their infield instead of artificial turf so no Lacrosse (or soccer teams) were to be seen. The change of venue just pushed the start time back 30 minutes or so. Minnehaha Academy is a repeat venue for us, having run there in 2012. Thankfully the temperature was about 40˚ cooler this time. It was about 44˚ at the start with a 10 mph wind (in our faces down the homestretch). The adults started running at 8:30 and we were ably cheered on by the kids. The kids followed with a 9:40 start. A special welcome to the Hanson family — first time TVR participants! Black cherry soda was, of course, enjoyed by all after the race. TVR continues its hold on the best value in racing today!

From Nampa, ID, Emily Berriochoa (Pickled Feet Ultra Running) reports:

Lone Star Middle School Track, Temperature: 70s and partly cloudy; beautiful night for running. The evening was pleasant and the perfect temperature, with overcast sky. Nineteen adults and fifteen kids took to the oval for the sixth annual Nampa, Idaho TVR run, and it was fun as usual. Shirtless Shorty Shorts Sean Olson cranked up the pace early and held on for the men’s win for the second year in a row, with The Ryans following closely. Christie Ebenroth captured the women’s title, with Julie Tinney and Francie Hill shortly behind. Francie ran her own version of the race earlier in the morning by herself, making her result even more impressive.

The post-race celebration included an assortment of sodas with ‘cherry’ in the name, along with chocolate milk. All runners received schwag cleaned out of the Pickled Feet Ultra Running and Final Kick Events directors’ garages. Looking forward to next year already!

Pam Smith (Salem, OR) reports: Salem, OR sits smack between two of the most venerable Track and Field sites in the US, with “Track Town USA” Eugene, with the hallowed Hayward Field, about 50 miles to the south and Portland, with its fabled Nike campus and the Project Oregon team, about 50 miles to the north. Salem has almost no track claim to fame, with the exception of Nick Symmonds, a Willamette University graduate. But there are a few dedicated runners who are doing their best to bring track glory to Salem, at least in the small and obscure world of the Titus van Rijn One Hour Distance Classic.

Last year Salem did not participate because our group could not find a mutually agreeable date. Things hadn’t changed much in a year: two people were gearing toward a marathon; another wanted to fit it around a 50k; there were a few vacations and other life events. Basically there was no good week that suited everyone. It was decided that interested runners could turn our usual Monday morning track session into their 1-hour time trial, so Salem’s event actually took place over three different weeks. At the conclusion, black cherry soda was awarded to all participants. We also upped the ante by providing “incentive beverages” (ie. beer) for those exceeding the 9.5 and 10 mile marks. I had a personal TVR best, but I missed my free beer by 21 meters. I maintain that if the incentive had been free cheesecake, I would have made it. ;) Maybe next year!

Andy Jones-Wilkins reports from Charlottesville, VA: June 11, 2014 – 7pm; rain, wind, lightning, skunks

The skies were grey an hour before the scheduled start of the Titus Van Rijn Run Charlottesville edition.  The Black Cherry Soda was chilling and the track was clear.  Unfortunately, approximately 20 minutes before the start, the skies opened up, the wind increased, and lightning coursed through the air.  Nonetheless, the show went on.

Twelve intrepid souls braved the elements (as well as the father/daughter skunk team that hung out around turn one throughouthe Hour) to complete some very respectable times in spite of the conditions.  While these were certainly not PR type conditions, the rain, lightning, and skunks served to make this a memorable day, indeed.

Andy Roth writes: The Claremont branch of TVR spanned multiple days and took place on three different tracks. A festive group circled Strehle Track at Pomona College on June 1st. Meet officials, including Tatum Longyear, Cooper Longyear, and Benjie Palmer, kept runners informed of how much time was left and protected us from marauding squirrels (“It looks like they’re finding the perfect tree to build… a nest!”). Meanwhile, two blocks east, Alicia and Dave Longyear completed their hour on the Zinda Field track, at Claremont McKenna College, to avoid any “out of season” infractions involving the cross-country runners Alicia coaches at Citrus College. When the hour was over, we all enjoyed multiple brands of black cherry soda. Kirk Reynold’s short video, posted on the Titus van Rijn Facebook, aptly captures some of the spirit of the morning.

Those Citrus athletes made the early pace feel easy and I ended up running too fast, slowing drastically over the last 20 minutes (despite the great encouragement from the aforementioned race officials and others), and falling well short of my goal. So, I took to the Claremont High School track the following Wednesday, where the plovers and an early morning PE class made for surprisingly inspiring company. A few days later, when a group of us found ourselves once again at the big blue track, Cooper doffed his meet official’s cap and busted out 8-laps to complete his own TVR. Congratulations to all the runners and thanks for your good company.

Trisha Steidl, Seattle (WA), reports from the Garfield High School track:

I heard about this event one week ago, thanks to Patrick Niemeyer.  Getting back into training, I was excited to have something to focus on rather than just go do a regular, Saturday tempo run.  So I did a little research (meaning I read the TVR website), saw what the women’s record was and decided to go for it!  I knew what I needed to do.  Until Greg Crowther informed me that Pam ran it again on Monday.  I read her report and saw that she had improved upon her record, which gave me a new goal to pursue.

Three others started with me, with only one planning to run the whole time.  My husband, Uli Steidl, is no stranger to this event, though always as a pacer.  Today was no different.  I was happy to have him there because it was windy and my legs weren’t feeling good.  I managed to run further than the current record, but came up 101m short of what Pam ran on Monday, so will have to settle for 2nd furthest.

I learned two main things from this event:  a) I have some pretty awesome friends, and b) I shouldn’t run this at the end of my 3rd week of the highest mileage I’ve run in months.  That does not make for even somewhat spunky legs.  Live and learn, right?

My running this event seems to have inspired others to want to take on the challenge next year (I’m pretty sure that’s mostly due to the offering of black cherry soda to everyone afterwards).  I’m excited that others are interested in taking on this challenge and hope to have a group together next year!  Uli will likely show up for pacing duties again, too….

James Umbanhowar reports from the Durham School of the Arts track, Durham, NC:
Huggins and Morris (TVR virgin) showed up undertrained but enthusiastic.  We had a two lap warm-up around 1:44 per lap and then the business started with consistent 1:40-1:42 laps for the rest of the race.  Huggins charitably ran on the outside of lane 1 for the first half hour until he cramped up and started yelling out splits that were 2 seconds faster than reality.  Morris, who I knew had 4 beers and a giant hamburger the night before bravely hung on through 45 minutes and then I, who had actually been training,  tried to hang on for fifteen more minutes and exceed 9 miles.  Sadly that goal was not attained, but we all agreed the most difficult task was drinking the Knudsen’s Natural Black Cherry Soda. Congratulations to all finishers!

Mike Persick reports from the Haverford College track, Haverford, PA: We had hoped to run on the full moon, Friday the 13th, but heavy thunderstorms were predicted, so we postponed until today.  Flag day was well served with a strong wind, but it was a beautiful, clear morning.  Andy [Bove] ran strong and quickly lapped me one, two, four, six times before I stopped counting (must have been 9 or 10 by the end).  He kicked hard over his final 3 laps.  We shared Stewart’s Black Cherry Wishniak afterward.

Alan Kim reports from the Port Jefferson HS track, Port Jefferson, NY:

Although I ran from 8:30-9:30 AM, conditions were already very humid, and so the thing was a struggle. That’s what I get for not trying earlier on a cooler day! A local man, even older than myself, helped pull me through one of the final laps. PS I will enjoy black cherry soda with my family this evening.

Patrick Niemeyer reports from the University of Iowa’s Francis X. Cretzmeyer track, Iowa City, IA: We had a good time with the event this year. Having completed it last year I got a few recruits to join me, and a lot of blank stares. We were in Iowa City for a family event and completed our run on the track dedicated to my grandfather who competed for and coached the Iowa Hawkeyes for many years.

Dan O’Connell reports from Boulder, CO: This was a special year at our house as Liam (age 13) joined me for the first time. We put in our hour on the track at scenic Boulder High School on the banks of a very swollen Boulder Creek. An afternoon thunderstorm cooled things off and we got started about as late as possible for a TVR outing– 6:00 PM on Flag Day itself.  How’s that for procrastination?
For Liam this was the longest run of his life, both in terms of duration, and distance covered.  After the run we went searching for black cherry soda, unfortunately, without success. Still, it was an hour very well spent.

Liam started out fast (8:30 for the first mile) but didn’t stop moving after hitting a few barriers of discomfort.  For my part, I found it interesting that I began the run with the thought of sticking to 7 min pace, then, after five miles at that pace, I shifted my attention to
counting down the number of laps I would have left to run.  I found it so much easier to focus on the positive frame “only about 14 (etc) laps to go” than on the negative frame “don’t let your pace go above 7 min/mile.”

Pat Foley (Band of 10,000 Aches) reports from Minnesota: We had a record 17 runners this year.  Unfortunately, a big motivation to partake was to pay tribute to one of our runners, Larry Betcher, who was killed in a farm accident on May 23.  Larry ran the TVR three times and was a very accomplished runner with a marathon PR of 2:41.  More importantly, he was a great husband, father and friend.  He is greatly missed.
On a more upbeat note, we had a first for the hour run….Mark Z ran on the morning of his daughter’s wedding, not particularly well, but he ran. :-)  Justin London once again left the country to run the TVR; this time Finland, the last time England.  Most profs have sabbatical every 7th year, Justin seems to teach every 7th year.

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2014 Titus Van Rijn Hour Results

Don Gallogly M 46 16,675 2014 OR
Josh Zielinski M 31 16,481 2014 OR
Mike Tyler M 47 16,000 2014 OR
Nick DiPirro M 25 15,580 2014 VA
Dan Meireis M 56 15,450 2014 OR
Pam Smith F 39 15,279 2014 OR
Uli Steidl M 42 15,179 2014 WA
Trisha Steidl F 37 15,179 2014 WA
Diego Lopez M 19 15,100 2014 CA
Nathan Campeau M 35 15,070 2014 MN
Randy Niemiec M 43 15,005 2014 MN
Andy Bove M 41 14,625 2014 PA
John Andersen M 38 14,560 2014 VA
Dan Spearin M 41 14,200 2014 VA
James Umbanhowar M 41 14,150 2014 NC
Andy Jones-Wilkins M 46 14,083 2014 VA
Emma Chaput F 40 14,080 2014 OR
Sean Faulk M 41 14,040 2014 MN
Angie Smith F 41 13,975 2014 OR
Dan O’Connell M 46 13,920 2014 CO
Alicia Longyear F 34 13,875 2014 CA
Darius Nabors M 29 13,820 2014 VA
Sean Foley M 42 13,600 2014 MN
Sean Olson M 22 13,600 2014 ID
Brian Villarette M 39 13,599 2014 OR
Jason Farr M 36 13,420 2014 VA
Kristin Heilmeier F 26 13,400 2014 VA
Annie Stanley F 38 13,360 2014 VA
Dave Longyear M 45 13,300 2014 CA
James Dunning M 32 13,300 2014 OR
Ryan Anderson M 40 13,200 2014 ID
Brian Dickert M 42 13,040 2014 VA
Stan Hup M 59 13,000 2014 MN
Andy Roth M 46 12,880 2014 CA
Erica Palmer F 33 12,874 2014 CA
Joe Winegardner M 58 12,630 2014 MN
Dale Fredrickson M 56 12,600 2014 MN
Patrick Niemeyer M 38 12,450 2014 IA
Scott Bordon M 46 12,439 2014 MN
Warren Winkleman M 53 12,400 2014 MN
Don Hubman M 46 12,400 2014 AZ
Ed Muniak M 44 12,400 2014 MN
Mark Drapac M 52 12,360 2014 MN
Pat Morris M 38 12,350 2014 NC
Dean Christensen M 63 12,320 2014 MN
Bob Aby M 68 12,300 2014 MN
Katie Galdabini F 42 12,200 2014 IA
Chick Woodward M 56 12,100 2014 MN
Eric Bergh M 62 12,080 2014 MN
Dan Kasper M 56 12,070 2014 MN
Ryan Taylor M 39 11,900 2014 ID
Kristen Zorn F 26 11,900 2014 VA
Becca Weast F 26 11,900 2014 VA
Jeff Eggers M 56 11,825 2014 MN
Christie Ebenroth F 41 11,800 2014 ID
Julie Tinney F 43 11,500 2014 ID
Luis Arriaga M 17 11,200 2014 CA
Jay Anderson M 58 11,164 2014 CA
Rebecca Franklin F 38 11,105 2014 OR
Alan Kim M 46 11,100 2014 NY
Mike Persick M 48 10,800 2014 PA
Elizabeth Niemeyer F 42 10,675 2014 IA
Mark Zwolenski M 54 10,630 2014 MN
Dick Daymont M 67 10,526 2014 MN
Dave Brown M 61 10,480 2014 MN
Justin London M 55 10,400 2014 Finland
Nicole Koch F 37 10,000 2014 AZ
Pat Foley M 66 9,760 2014 MN
Liam O’Connell M 13 9,500 2014 CO
Francie Hill F 65 9,200 2014 ID
Doug Hanson M 37 9,000 2014 MN
Isabel Hoyt-Niemiec F 11 8,879 2014 MN
Efren Alcala, Jr. M 21 8,800 2014 CA
Andres Aparicho M 19 8,800 2014 CA
Christian Ochoa M 17 8,800 2014 CA
Nicole Hanson F 37 8,700 2014 MN
Amanda Hodges F 26 8,700 2014 ID
Joe Patnaude M 44 8,400 2014 ID
Carla Jackson F 45 8,300 2014 CA
Jamie Schraner F 28 8,300 2014 ID
Wayne Ebenroth M 39 8,100 2014 ID
Liz Boyd F 54 8,051 2014 CA
Mike Upton M 46 8,000 2014 ID
Terry Grill F 60 7,881 2014 CA
Kelli Hood F 34 7,600 2014 ID
Wayne Ebenroth, Jr. M 13 7,600 2014 ID
Kalinda Reynolds F 12 7,600 2014 CA
Rainyr Trudinger-Smith M 10 7,600 2014 AZ
Chris Huggins M 40 7,200 2014 NC
John Douglass M 45 7,100 2014 AZ
Doremy Tong F 52 7,000 2014 AZ
Cassidy Hood M 38 6,800 2014 ID
Emmy Koch F 8 6,800 2014 AZ
Nick Foley M 7 6,436 2014 MN
Jordan Bradley M 16 6,400 2014 ID
Emma Strommen F 7 6,300 2014 ID
Ash Trudinger-Smith M 51 6,048 2014 AZ
John Roth M 73 6,040 2014 WA
Sam Collier M 61 5,900 2014 ID
Kirk Reynolds M 50 5,200 2014 CA
Michelle Anderson F 39 5,200 2014 ID
Natalie Hanson F 11 5,200 2014 MN
Bridget Foley F 10 5,200 2014 MN
Lyn Roth F 71 4,800 2014 WA
LisaAnne Trudinger-Smith F 46 4,800 2014 AZ
Emily Berriochoa F 35 4,800 2014 ID
Paige Hanson F 8 4,800 2014 MN
Mostyn Trudinger-Smith M 12 4,400 2014 AZ
Savannah Ebenroth F 7 4,400 2014 ID
Max Bradley M 10 4,000 2014 ID
Zach Anderson M 10 4,000 2014 ID
Mary Graeff F 72 3,200 2014 ID
John Berriochoa M 41 3,200 2014 ID
Dieter Berriochoa M 11 3,200 2014 ID
Caden Reynolds M 8 3,200 2014 CA
Alix Bradley M 6 3,200 2014 ID
Cooper Longyear M 5 3,200 2014 CA
Anneliese Ebenroth F 9 2,800 2014 ID
Margie Berriochoa F 7 2,000 2014 ID
Tina Upton F 46 1,600 2014 ID
Rebecca Ebenroth F 14 1,600 2014 ID
Joshua Ebenroth M 12 1,600 2014 ID
Kaylee Anderson F 12 1,600 2014 ID
Allie Murray F 4 400 2014 ID
Audrey Murray F 3 400 2014 ID
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2014 TVR Invite



You and yours are invited to participate in the Sixteenth Annual



WHAT:  A one-hour footrace

WHERE: Your local track

WHEN:  Anytime between May Day (May 1) and Flag Day (June 14) 2014


* Your performance must take place on a standard 400-meter/440-yard track.  Include partial laps in your final total; estimate distances as accurately as possible within reason.

* Send results to <andyleeroth@gmail.com> by midnight, 14 June 2014.  In your results, please note name, total distance completed (in meters or yards), age, date, and location.  We encourage you to include a brief report of your experience for the official race report.

* You may run the event more than once if desired, but only submit your best mark.

* You are encouraged to invite others to participate in the event.

* Complete results and race report will be sent to all participants.


World champions in football and baseball celebrate with champagne; the victor at the Indy 500 gets a bottle of milk.  At TVR, the celebratory beverage of choice is black cherry soda. We encourage you to maintain the tradition.


World, women: 18,517 meters (~11.5 miles)

Dire Tune (Eth), Ostrava, Czech Republic 6/12/08

World, men: 21,285m (~13.2 miles)

Haile Gebrselassie (Eth), Ostrava, Czech Republic 6/27/07

USA, women: 17,273m (~10.7 miles)

Nancy Conz, Amherst, MA 6/25/81

USA, men: 20,547m (~12.8 miles)

Bill Rodgers (GBTC), Boston, MA 8/9/77

TVR, women: 15,090m (~9.37 miles) 

  Pam Smith (OR), Salem, OR, 2012

TVR, men: 18,115 (~11.25 miles)

  Greg Crowther (WA), Seattle, WA 5/27/2006

Since 1999, TVR competitors have amassed more than 7.64 million meters of distance and countless gallons of black cherry soda.  Join the fun!

NEWS and UPDATES at the official Titus Van Rijn blog: https://tvr1hour.wordpress.com and join us on our Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340462322681978/


Please contact Andy Roth (andyleeroth@gmail.com) or Mike Persick (tvr1hour@gmail.com), TVR Meet Directors.

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2013 TVR Event Reports

The fifteenth annual Titus Van Rijn Hour featured 97 participants seeking “eternity in an hour” (as the poet Blake memorably put it).  Congratulations to every one who participated and special thanks to the folks who organized TVR events across the country and reported their results.

Greg Crowther and Uli Steidl of Seattle ran together and covered 17,615 meters (~10.95 miles) to share the 2013 men’s title, while also establishing a new age-group best for Men 40-49.  TVR rookie Alicia Longyear ran 13,300 meters (~8.27 miles) at the Pomona-Pitzer track in Claremont, CA to claim the women’s crown.   Among women 30-39, only TVR legend Pam Smith has gone further.

Highlights of 2013 include some remarkable age-group performances:

  • Bob Aby (MN, 68) established a new Men’s 60-69 record with a run of 12,800 meters.  In 2012, both Bob and his fellow Band of 10,000 Aches runner Eric Bergh broke the then-existing record in this age group.   NOTE:  You don’t want to mess with this group out of Northfield, MN:  Until this year, they held every one of the top-10 all-time TVR bests in the M60-69 division.  Sam Collier (60) of Nampa, ID covered 11,000 meters to break-up the Band of 10,000 Aches’ monopoly of top-10 marks in this age division.
  • Anne Jeffery (Sun Valley, ID; 64) again surpassed the 10K mark, followed closely by Francie Hill (Nampa, ID; 63).
  • The M40-49 bracket is almost absurdly competitive.  Dan Gallogly (OR, 45) ran 16,600m (~10.3 miles), eclipsing his own previous age group record, and ended up third in the division (and overall), behind Crowther and Steidl.

Collectively, TVR participants logged 981,322 meters (~609 miles) this year.   That contributes to the cumulative total of 7,674,262 meters (~4,769 miles) across 15 years of TVR.

“Joy and woe are woven fine,” Blake wrote in a later verse.  The event reports that follow attest to this.  We look forward to your participation next year!

Andy Roth & Mike Persick, TVR Meet Directors

*         *         *         *         *

 Emily Berriochoa (Nampa, Idaho) reports:

The evening was pleasant and the perfect temperature, thankfully clearing after a day of ominous grey skies. Eighteen adults and seven kids took to the oval for the fifth annual Nampa, Idaho TVR run, and it was fun as usual. Perennial favorite Ben Blessing made an appearance with dog Shadow but declined to run citing some silly 100 miler in Bryce the following weekend. To take over the shirtless division from Ben was up and coming youngster Sean Olson who cranked up the pace early and held on for the men’s win.  Close behind was Christine Kollar, last year’s winner and women’s record holder.

Several additions made this year’s event pretty much top shelf: I brought race numbers, which, as you know, always takes things up a notch. Jon Kinzer with Tortise and Hare Timing brought out his system to test out in a lap format race. We required that everyone keep their own lap counts, just in case, which was a good thing because there were a few glitches. Still, everyone got to wear chips…which was pretty rad. Wayne Ebenroth, Final Kick Events director, brought his camera, cleaned out a bunch of schwag from his garage, and helped with organizing things. And last but not least, remembering a few people’s dire bathroom issues from last year, we moved the location to a track that featured an adjacent portapotty.

The post-race celebration included an assortment of sodas with ‘cherry’ in the name, along with chocolate milk. All runners received ‘race packets’ along with strong encouragement to leave with a variety of water bottles and other so-called ‘schwag’ cleaned out of the Pickled Feet Ultra Running and Final Kick Events directors’ garages.  Awards were a sweet and eclectic assortment ranging from old race t-shirts to a bag of charcoal briquettes to a 30-pack of hot dogs to other left over race schwag, which people got to pick from as their names and times were called, first to last. Looking forward to next year already!

John Douglass reports for Tucson, AZ:

As we have in the past, we undertook the Tucson TVR presentation at the Catalina High School track, which thankfully was unlocked this year. Everyone started together and encouraged each other forward. Unlike past years, which have been quite warm at the start, it was in the mid-60s with a slight breeze yesterday, which really made the run/walk pleasant.

All told, the 16 Tucson TVR participants ran or walked over 128,000 meters. Several of the participants ran some laps backwards, or did alternative activities including running long jumps (Rainyr looked especially athletic doing those), stair climbs (River looked fast up the stairs), or cartwheels (thank you Patty for those!). There were no injuries to report, nor any (near) streaking (sadly, Ash could not participate this year). Many enjoyed the black cherry soda and watermelon afterwards.

Greg Crowther (Seattle, WA) reports: Having Uli Steidl as your pacer is a bit like having Wolfgang Puck as your sous-chef. You don’t feel worthy of the honor, but still want to take full advantage while it lasts.

My latest attempt at the Titus Van Rijn one-hour track event came on May 25th at the Roosevelt High School track. I invited a few local running friends to join me; Uli was the only one to surrender to the temptation. He offered to pace me, I accepted, and off we went in pursuit of my goal of 11 “metric miles” (i.e., 44 laps of the 400-meter track).

At my request, Uli settled into a pace of about 82 seconds per lap, with a couple of slower lap times attributable to my consumption of Gatorade. We made it through 16 laps in 22:00 and 24 laps in 33:02, then picked up the pace slightly. We finished our 35th lap at 48:00, leaving exactly 12 minutes to cover the last 9 hoped-for laps. Uli locked onto the required 80-seconds-per-lap pace with his usual precision, and we ultimately completed lap 44 with 3 seconds to spare.

Our final distance was 17,6115 meters. Thus, because of Uli, I was able to surpass my TVR distances from 2008 (17,420m) and 2001 (17,360m), though still falling short of my marks from 2006 (18,115m) and 2009 (17,920m). Not too bad for an old codger.

Andy Jones-Wilkins, putting Virginia on the TVR map:

The day dawned cool and moist as I headed to the 400-meter oval at the University of Virginia track in Charlottesville, VA.  I was heading out to run my 5th Titus Van Rijn One Hour Footrace and my first since 2010.  This year was going to be a little different as I was running it solo.

Arriving at the track I saw a few early birds finishing up and then had the track to myself.  I strapped on my 3-year old Montrail Rogue Racers and began my warmup. 2 miles in 16:10.  Not bad.  Since I had not been on the track in a while I wasn’t sure what I could do.  I settled on a goal of 14,000 meters and started rolling.

I hit the 20 minute mark and had run a touch over 4500, I picked the pace up a notch and got to 5K in 22 minutes.  Then, I started rolling and was just over of 9000 meters when I got to the 40 minute mark and hit 10K in 41:30.  It looked like 14,000 was in the bag.  I rolled up the pace when I hit the 50 minute mark and ran my last quarter in just under 90 seconds.  On the hour I was at 14,485 meters.  Certainly not my best TVR, but certainly quite satisfying.  Although, I must admit drinking black cherry soda by the side of a college track at 7am is a bit odd.

Looking forward to next year already.  Bottoms up!

Pat Foley reports from Northfield, Minnesota:  The 10th running of TVR by the Band of 10,000 Aches was held at the Carleton track on May 12th.  The weather was near ideal, 30 degrees and a slight breeze.  Of course, black cherry soda was served after the hour run.

From just a little over 50k north of the Band of 10,000 Aches,

Sean Foley files the Bloomington, MN TVR report:

The Twin Cities edition of TVR moved back to Jefferson High School in Bloomington, MN this year.  Learning from past mistakes, we got the event on people’s calendars for very early in the window.  That planning paid off with stellar running weather.  At the 8 a.m. start time for the adults on Cinco de Mayo, the temperature was in the low 40s with light winds.  By the time the kids finished at 10, it still hadn’t reached 50.  Last year, the kids passed out a lot of water and ice cubes to the adults.  This time they kept themselves busy and warm playing tag on the artificial turf infield.

Black cherry soda was enjoyed by all as some youth lacrosse players started arriving for a Sunday morning game.

As we say every year, TVR continues to be the best value in racing!

From Bruce “Balto” Hoff in Washington: Old School Bruce Hoff and Flyin’ Brian Maher used the TVR event twice this year (on May 20 and June 11) to spice up our weekday workouts before heading to the office. Both times we met at the superb tartan track of Rainier Beach high school, and both mornings greeted us with deal weather. Bruce’s best performance came on the first attempt, while Brian went a few meters farther on his second try. Both times Brian ran well over ten miles, with very even splits.

Erik Brooks, from on the road in WA:  No community effort from Winthrop, WA this year, but I squeezed in a 2013 Titus attempt late in the Flag Day afternoon — on a pretty glorious track at Issaquah High School. After a full day of visiting with Bellevue elementary school students, the Titus proved to be the perfect “shake your legs out” activity before driving another 4:15 back home. It was a little warm, and the Dr. Pepper a tepid stand-in for Black Cherry soda, but I was quite happy to make it over the 9mi mark again with 15,120m. Until next year!

Andy Lee Roth in San Rafael, CA: Last minute TVR for me. Ran solo at the Terra Linda High School track, commencing with the 2nd of Gorecki’s “Three Olden Style Pieces” on my music player and finishing with a Cheerwine (“Legend since 1917″) soda.  I covered 12,835 meters–improving on my 2012 result, which is very satisfying. I had all but decided not to run this year, but am glad I did.

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2013 TVR Results

First Name Last Name Gender Age Meters Year Site
Greg Crowther M 40 17,615 2013 WA
Uli Steidl M 41 17,615 2013 WA
Dan Gallogly M 45 16,600 2013 OR
Brian Maher M 33 16,290 2013 WA
Nathan Campeau M 34 15,300 2013 MN
Randy Niemic M 42 15,150 2013 MN
Erik Brooks M 41 15,120 2013 WA
Sean Faulk M 40 14,750 2013 MN
John Kurtz M 44 14,600 2013 ID
Andy Jones-Wilkins M 45 14,485 2013 VA
Patrick Niemeyer M 37 14,433 2013 WA
Ed Muniak M 43 14,275 2013 MN
Hank Dart M 45 14,200 2013 ID
Dave Kier M 44 14,100 2013 ID
Dave Longyear M 44 14,046 2013 CA
Rick Stark M 55 13,700 2013 ID
Will Kemper M 43 13,580 2013 ID
James Umbanhowar M 41 13,560 2013 NC
Scott Borden M 45 13,510 2013 MN
Randy Peterson M 47 13,500 2013 MN
Andrew Sterling M 40 13,500 2013 AZ
Sean Foley M 41 13,472 2013 MN
Bruce Hoff M 50 13,433 2013 WA
Alicia Longyear F 35 13,300 2013 CA
Don Hubman M 45 12,960 2013 AZ
Joe Winegardner M 57 12,938 2013 MN
Sean Olson M 21 12,850 2013 ID
Andy Roth M 45 12,835 2013 CA
Bob Aby M 68 12,800 2013 MN
Brian Cloherty M 53 12,700 2013 MN
Kamryn Becker F 38 12,640 2013 AZ
Christine Kollar F 29 12,500 2013 ID
Christie Ebenroth F 40 12,410 2013 ID
Jeff Eggers M 55 12,380 2013 MN
Jay Anderson M 57 12,235 2013 CA
Dan Kasper M 55 12,180 2013 MN
Gadrie Edmonds F 37 11,980 2013 ID
Eric Bergh M 61 11,850 2013 MN
Tizz Miller F 45 11,800 2013 ID
Murray McCartan M 43 11,800 2013 MN
EJ Harpham F 56 11,760 2013 ID
Meg Hoyt F 40 11,740 2013 MN
Trish Aldridge F 44 11,600 2013 AZ
Erica Palmer F 32 11,300 2013 CA
Robbie Woog M 50 11,200 2013 ID
Mark Drapac M 51 11,150 2013 MN
Mark Zwolenski M 53 11,050 2013 MN
Sam Collier M 60 11,000 2013 ID
Mike Upton M 45 11,000 2013 ID
Warren Winkelman M 52 10,700 2013 MN
Chick Woodward M 55 10,700 2013 MN
Laura Jensen F 31 10,500 2013 AZ
Dick Daymont M 65 10,490 2013 MN
Gawain Douglas M 43 10,400 2013 AZ
Anne Jeffery F 64 10,320 2013 ID
Francie Hill F 63 10,000 2013 ID
Cinda Villanueva F 20 10,000 2013 ID
Joe Patnaude M 43 10,000 2013 ID
Justin London M 54 9,800 2013 MN
Pat Foley M 65 9,600 2013 MN
Isabel Hoyt-Niemic F 10 9,550 2013 MN
John Douglass M 44 9,400 2013 AZ
Winnie Hoyt-Niemic F 9 9,250 2013 MN
Chilan Martes  F 42 9,200 2013 ID
C.L. Delfs M 45 9,200 2013 MN
Kira Traynor F 14 9,100 2013 AZ
Noe Kemper M 7 8,580 2013 ID
Perry Kemper F 8 8,400 2013 ID
Patty Atkins F 46 8,000 2013 AZ
Amy King F 37 8,000 2013 ID
Heather Oyler F 22 7,700 2013 ID
Linda Weiss F 50 7,600 2013 ID
Wayne Ebenroth, Jr. M 12 7,600 2013 ID
Carla Jackson F 44 7,200 2013 CA
Jenn Upton F 20 7,000 2013 ID
Tina Upton F 44 6,400 2013 ID
Tim Burch M 30 6,400 2013 ID
Kirk Reynolds M 49 6,400 2013 CA
Doremy Tong F 51 6,240 2013 AZ
John Roth M 73 6,100 2013 WA
Caryn Fraser F 42 5,800 2013 AZ
Lisa Anne Trudinger-Smith F 45 5,800 2013 AZ
Shanda Doughman F 34 5,200 2013 ID
Rebecca Ebenroth F 13 5,200 2013 ID
Bridget Foley F 9 5,200 2013 MN
Mostyn Trudinger-Smith M 12 5,100 2013 AZ
Joshua Ebenroth M 11 4,800 2013 ID
Lyn Roth F 71 3,600 2013 WA
Anneliese Ebenroth F 8 3,200 2013 ID
Georgia Oschenbein F 3,200 2013 AZ
Savannah Ebenroth F 6 2,400 2013 ID
Rainyr Trudinger-Smith M 9 2,400 2013 AZ
Wayne Ebenroth, Sr. M 38 2,000 2013 ID
Nick Foley M 6 2,000 2013 MN
River Oschenbein M 9 2,000 2013 AZ
Anna Martes F 7 1,600 2013 ID
Halle King F 6 1,200 2013 ID
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